Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He has the SEXIEST Sweaty Head of Hair
(when he's on the ice!)!!

I AM aware that this is the second week I've used these posts to "elaborate" on the pictures of the week ... (and so what if it's just an excuse to focus on something I enjoyed about Sid so much earlier in the week?!)!! I have a MAJOR crush on the guy, what can I say?!!! ; P

Basically the only time you catch this is one of two ways ... after a game / practice when he's addressing the media, but that's usually only a few curls coming out from under his sweaty, dirty cap or (if you're really lucky) his helmet gets jostled off when he's being physical during a game (ugh, the THOUGHT makes my knees buckle!)!!

We've been lucky since he's had this happen on the ice twice in ONE WEEK (once during each game this week) - GAH!! Did you happen to catch it last night?? SWEET Jesus, I KNOW!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures of last night's sweaty mane, so I just used ones I could find (but I'm sure you get the idea!)!! ; )


Bandit'sgirl said...

as soon as I saw him skating around last night without his lid my mind went right to this blog and Crosby pic of the wk!

He is so good looking!

TexPen87 said...

Does anyone miss the longer locks or is it just me? I can't wait for the payoffs so it's not so short. Like when Tanger cut off his sex hair!

Midnight said...

Before the game last night was an interview w/ Sid. His hair was wet and very curly. He looked YUMMY! Love both Sid's long and short hair. Like TexPen87 said.......liked when Tanger cut the sex hair. Thought he was sexier than ever. An honorable mention..... Max looked HOT last night after he scored the goal :) What a smile :)

monaleighmon said...

use this reason as much s you want this will never get old :p

CrackerLilo said...

I do like sweaty helmet hair, a lot.

@ TexPen87: I also think he looks better with his hair longer.

TexPen87 said...

Playoffs are good for me. With the longer hair and scruff, he looks older and very manly. Since I'm so much older than he is, I don't feel so guilty finding him so attractive!