Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crosby Pics of the Week

What a TREAT!!  It's been weeks since we've even seen Sid and this past week he's made quite a few appearances - even skated!!!  He's definitely a sight for sore eyes, so this weeks post is full of yummy, adorable Sid pics -- HOOO-RAY!!! : D

Is it weird that I find the sexiest part of his body are his hands
(and his chest, and arms, and ... )??  LOOK AT THOSE HANDS!!

And when I saw him show up in the video thanking us fans (left; CLICK HERE to watch the video), is it weird that all I saw were "man nipples?!"  I haven't seen Sid in such a long time and all I can focus on are his nipples (should I even be admitting that?!) ...

(especially on the ice!)!!!


stoneyblue said...

awesome pics...."man nipples" is all you could focus on????? The hands...totally agree. Wondering if anyone has a screen cap of the clip shown during the Saturday game of Sid signing autographs? He is in a dark suit and in a word looked "hot"

lizagirl84 said...

that one of him in the sweater is a definite wow. he has really built up his upper body over the years. @stoneyblue found those pics in dark suit http://clearwaters65.tumblr.com/post/3812915900/ughhh-come-baccck

Stephanie said...

@stoneyblue ... I KNOW [hangs head in shame], but I'm a pretty open and honest person and I found it amusing (myself) that its the first thing that 'popped out' when I saw him, so I thought I'd share the chuckle I had - LOL!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him in his dark suit signing autographs, but I see you have 'caps' of those so I will surely be "stealing" those ; D

@lizagirl84 - I think he could be wearing a potato sack in all of these pictures and I'd still be drooling (now that I think of that ... I'm getting chills - the guy could wear anything or nothing at all and he'd STILL be smoking!)!! ; )


hotaru-hockeymaiden87 said...

Stephanie, girl get out of my mind! Nothing at all... *lost in thought*... :D

But still, it's good to see our Sidney back!

Stephanie said...

LOL hotaru-hockeymaiden87 : D

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves ... it IS really good to see Sid, but I'm hoping he's going to take it slowly.