Friday, March 18, 2011

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!

My ENTIRE family is nothing but a bunch of crazy football nut. Nobody liked hockey. But that changed on the 2008 Winter Classic.
I remember it being a normal,snowy day when I heard my doorbell ring. I opened it and it was my sister's boyfriend,Matthew (who is now like a brother to me). Matthew is a sports fan of everything. The first thing he said was,"You gonna watch the Penguins today?". And I just looked at him and said something I regret to this say,"Hockey is stupid." He asked if I could turn the TV on to NBC and watch the Winter Classic. I said no but he did anyway.
I sat down because I had nothing better to do and watched it. I was intrigued by it right away. He introduced me to Marc-Andre Fleury first. He said he was the goalie and the greatest in his opinion. I asked him why he was fat. He laughed and said it was the padding. Then after Sidney Crosby scored,he introduced me to him. The first thing I said (which I think is what EVERYONE first said!) was,"HE HAS HUGE LIPS!!" and Matthew laughed. My sister joined in and watched it with us. She was intrigued too. So we all sat down and watched it as my mom came in and wondered why they we wearing blue.
Thanks to Matthew,we were all not just football nuts,but new hockey fans as well. But I didn't follow them too much. I watched bits of the Playoffs but not too much due to softball practice. But during the last game in the Finals,I was at a Pirates game. I was worried sick. My sister had the game on her phone-radio. And my sister and I constantly got up to walk around by the TVs to see the score. We got home just in time to see them give the Cup to the Red Wings. From then on,I was a die-hard Pen fan as I brought more and more hockey love into the family.
Now,I have loads of other people in my family,school,neighbors, ect. watching the Penguins!! During Game 7 of the Cup Finals,I found my love for Sidney Crosby. When he got hurt,I couldn't understand why my eyes were tearing up. People sometimes label me as a puckbunny, but I could beat them in Pens trivia ANY DAY!!
I can guarantee that the 2008 Winter Classic between the Penguins and Buffalo Sabres made fans out of alot of doubters / "haters," so you're probably not alone in that, "nat5582!"  That game was one of the most exciting games I've watched and I was "buzzing" from it for days. And I really don't doubt you're good a Pens trivia as those who "catch on" to the Pens usually become DIE-HARDS at some point!!  THANKS for sharing your story with us, "nat!"

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