Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crosby Pictures / Videos of the Week: Let's Celebrate the "Return" of Our Captain!!

I got this GREAT IDEA thanks to loyal HftL follower, Laura H, who posted the first video below on my Facebook page "in honor of Sid being cleared for summer workouts!"

Of course I'm sure you've all heard by now that Sid returned (last Tuesday) to the concussion specialist he's been seeing since suffering the effects from the hit(s) in January and was cleared to start his off-ice summer workout program (see below - LOL)!  I'm still a little slow (a step behind) when it comes to posting news and such, so please continue to bear with me and I'm sure I'll get back to what you can normally expect from HftL SOMEDAY!

Unfortunately these workouts will take place in Cole Harbor (where he'll be safe from me and the rest of his US fans!)!
He will be joined by his long-time personal trainer for the next 2-3 weeks as he works back into his routine in Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, according to Penguins general manager Ray Shero.
I just felt like sharing the joy with all of you!!  Although it makes me MISS Penguins hockey more now even though I've been watching all the hockey I can get my hands on.

THANKS, Laura (let's kick-off your summer vacation PROPERLY!), AND ENJOY Ladies!!! ; )  Please FEEL FREE to post your comments and thoughts - I WELCOME THEM (always!)!!


Laeioura said...

Oh, if I had remembered about that 2nd video, I would have posted that one too... what a way to start my summer vacation!!! :)

stoneyblue said...

you know you just want to stare at those legs!

Stephanie said...

@Laura -- see ... we work well together (with both of us, we got a complete video celebration!)!! : D

@stoneyblue -- I'm not denying I want to stare at his legs ... or chest, or stomach, or a$$ ... ; P

THANKS, ladies ... LOVE the comments; keep them coming!! : )