Friday, June 24, 2011

Pittsburgh's 2010 NHL First Round Draft Pick by HftL Guest Blogger

With as many weeks that I haven't had a regularly scheduled post here at HftL, I'm sure you guys are all dying to read up on some hockey hotness and that's where this guest blogger comes in.  She was nice enough to volunteer to do a post for the blog (and she did a great job!)!!

Do you ladies remember that lucky gal who got a hug from Sid when he showed up at her house to deliver tickets to her family (back in 2008)??  No??  And then she somehow miraculously found the blog and contacted me, so I was fortunate enough to be able to "interview" her.  Still don't remember??  It's Aubri [Covol] and if the name doesn't sound familiar then maybe this picture, below, WILL (be sure to click on the links too!):

BIGS THANKS to Aubri, we now have a nicely written post about one of the many up-and-coming hot, young guns in the Penguins organization.  Perfect timing for the post, too, since tonight is the first round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft!!

So take it away, Aubri!
Now, I know it has been just about a year since we have seen his cute face, but I am sure you can figure out who this mystery man is. Drafted 20th overall by Pens in 2010, and is currently attending Denver University. Still can’t figure it out? It is the lovely Beau Bennett!

Not only is Beau a cutie, he is an excellent hockey player. Before he joined the Pioneers of Denver, he played for the Penticton Vees in the British Colombia Hockey League (BCHL). He tied for the lead in scoring in the BCHL with 120 points in 56 games and was named the Interior Conference Rookie of the Year after he lead his team to a 48-8 record. Beau has gone into the history books of the BCHL by becoming the first rookie in seven years to record 100 plus points. Also, he won the Brett Hull for being the top scorer in the BCHL. Beau continues his reign from the BCHL into the WCHA with the Denver Pioneers.

 Beau was born on November 27, 1991 in Gardena, California. He is the son of Kirk and Louanna Bennett, and grew up with three brothers, Beau being in the middle of the pack. He graduated from Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California in 2010, and choose to be a Denver Pioneer for the good hockey and academics program. He intends to major in business, so if the whole hockey thing doesn’t work out he will be one good looking business man! We all hope he will join the ranks of hotness on the Pittsburgh Penguins sometime soon!

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