Thursday, June 30, 2011

Omnium Gervais-Talbot Tournament (Life Goes On Despite Jagr Watch!)

In the midst of all this JagrWatch drama, I almost forgot Talbot's (and Gervais') annual charity golf event!!  It's today and my blog buddy at IS THERE (hopefully he'll have lots of good "scoop" and pics to go along LIKE he usually does!)!!  Fellow (for now) Penguins and NHLers are taking part such as newly signed Pascal Dupuis.

According to 25stanley's twitter (@25stanley), in an interview he conducted with Max, Talbot stated that he did talk to the Leafs organization during the draft last weekend and that Brian Burke was " really classy."

Check back later / tomorrow for updates.

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AussieGal said...

and now Max Talbot is a Flyer!!! wtf? I am dreading the first Flyers Vs Pens game next season :(