Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sidney Crosby: He's Got Legs and Knows How to Use Them!!

Just another "trophy" to add to his growing collection!

Sidney Crosby was voted to have the "best male legs in Canada" according to the Skintimate Signature Scents Best Canadian Legs poll that "was conducted among 1,010 Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panel members from June 15th, to June 16th, 2011."

From a press released yesterday at CNW for Skintimate:
He shoots, he scores
As for the best male legs in Canada, hockey superstar Sidney Crosby, has yet another award to add to his collection; taking top honours with a national vote of 27% (33% in Alberta and 26% in Ontario and BC gave Crosby a top score). Crosby skates circles around the competition with his hockey-toned legs, after defeating runner-up celebrity heartthrob Ryan Reynolds at 18% and basketball hero Steve Nash at 10%.

graphic obtained from "Stick That In Your Juicebox" Tumblr


stoneyblue said...

Hard not to stare...

Stephanie said...

That's FOR SURE!!! ; D