Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LA Kings Cupcake Wars

How come none of my Kings followers ever told me about this?? ; P  THANKS to my FB friend, Laurie J-A., for this awesome find (this one went totally under the radar - by me - since December 2010!)!!

Cupcake Wars is another of the Food Network's weekly food show competition where four of the country's best cupcake bakers compete for a chance to win $10,000 and his / her cupcake featured in the "winning gig."

The show is in it's third season, but the episode involving the LA Kings was broadcast during Season 2 back in December 2010.  The "winning gig" was a chance to bake the winning cupcake for the LA Kings at the home-opener celebration to kick off the start of the [2010] season.  LA alternate captain, Matt Greene, makes an appearance as a guest judge!

I came across Laurie's FB link of this EARLY this morning (I was wide awake at 4:00 AM and no, unfortunately, I'm NOT kidding!), so I wasn't able to "prepare" for this post and didn't actually get to watch it (yet).  But THANKS to McSwarley, an LA Kings ["nonsensical disquisition of a life-long los angeles kings fan"] blog, I was able to get some good scoop (and screen-caps) on the episode with the "Cupcake Wars Recap" (AND acquire another great blog resource when I'm needing Kings info - it's a pretty cool blog!).
The major disappointment is that the Food Network decided to cut out any of Greene’s usual comedic wit in favor of this guy making bad hockey puns that none of the contestants understood. Such as: “Cupcake making is lot like hockey except here there’s no penalty for icing.” There’s not really a penalty for icing in hockey, either.
My first question is, why haven't I done a WCH on Matt Greene??!!!!  Ladies ... [mental note!]  He WAS a WCH (one of our more popular posts, too) -- CLICK HERE TO READ!!!  How adorable is HE (look at that dimple!)?!!!

Watch the episode below!!


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I've seen this before but it was fun to watch again. It was interesting that Victoria, who's obviously British, seemed to know the most about hockey. And I don't think the guy who added the maple to his cupcakes realized that Matt is American, not Canadian (and Matt was too nice to say anything!).