Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Just Fell IN LOVE With James Neal ALL OVER AGAIN!!

SMILING on an injured foot - THAT'S MY MAN!!!
courtesy: PittsburghPenguins.com
Ladies and gentleman ... THIS IS THE VISION OF A MAN ... NO, A GOD!!!  Remember Gary Roberts (and "WWGRD?")??  Well, it would appear that James is taking his place in the NHL!!

James smirks at his foot and it goes from "broken" to bruised ...

WHAT broken foot??!!!!!!!!!!!!
“I want to play and help the team,” he said. “If it can’t get any worse, then there’s no reason why I can’t play. It feels good in my skate and I’ll be ready to go tonight. Hopefully we can get over this little slump we’re in.”
He admitted that it is harder to walk than it is to skate, but no part of his game will be impeded by the injury and that getting to practice this morning helped.
“I’ll be the same way I was every other game,” he said. “It was a couple quick strides this morning to get used to it. I’ll be all right.”
I'm just hoping that it WILL be OK and he's not putting the team before his health!! I'm sorry, but the Cup (and winning) is not worth risking that!!!


JamieLynn19 said...

I read the news this morning on my phone then on the Pens morning report and was like "Is this a dream?!" then Disco Dan confirmed it! I was like holy shiiiiit man thats freakin amazing! I almost cried on sunday when I first heard the news but now he's good to go! What a beast! <3<3<3 Nealer!

Stephanie said...

I KNOW ... in light of all the injuries, I'm excited too but I'm hoping he's not making a mistake (risk long-term for short-term), you know?!!

HE'S THE MAN!!! <3

; D

stoneyblue said...

I still think he needs a pair of Z's skate guards

JamieLynn19 said...

yeah, exactly! I hope hes careful tonight and doesnt push himself too much. the man is a BEAST! & i love him :)

AussieGal said...

Good to know that the hockey gods don't entirely hate the Pens!

Stephanie said...

@Debbie - I think he did have a protective cover on his one skate

@JamieLynn19 - I hope we SEE beast mode tonight (we sure do need it!)

@AussieGal - not entirely, but with how things are going ... it still feels like it (PS - I LOVE your profile pic - SO CUTE!)

THANKS for the comments, LADIES!!! ;)