Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[VIDEO] TOO CUTE - Kevin Bieksa with Canucks Kids

I found this on Bob's Blitz blog (who obtained it from the Sami Salo tumblr).  Kevin Bieksa is one of my FAV hotties (hottie + kids = panty-melting)!!

This is from the annual Canucks Super Skills competition that was held this past Sunday, January 22, 2012.  The adorable kids are, left to right: Makayla Kesler (daddy=Ryan Kesler), Reese Bieksa (daddy=Kevin Bieksa), Anna Hamhuis (daddy=Dan Hamhuis), Oliver and Peppi Salo (daddy=Sami Salo).

The Daddys (if you're not a Canucks fan / familiar with the players):

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TheNWChica said...

As much as I love the actual Superskills competition every year, the part with the kids out there on the bench is the best part.

You get to see them grow up and see which boys have new babies by which boys are carrying them around the ice.

The whole time is so much fun, or at least the couple of times I went have been.

Hockey boys + babies = <3