Tuesday, January 24, 2012


with a "Team Neal" graphic!!

They chose to include Hartnell over Neal for the All-Stars??  THAT'S RIDICULOUS!!!  Neal has moved on and considers it "old news," but that doesn't mean we can't show our support!!!  For those of you who haven't read, when asked about Hartnell making the All-Stars team, Neal said (from Josh Yohe's twitter, @JoshYohe_Trib):
"That's old news. I'm not worrying about the all star game at all."
THAT'S OUR NEALY (and one of the many reasons he deserves to be included in this year's All-Star team!)!!


JamieLynn19 said...

ahh I love them all! Im in the process of ordering a Neal jersey as I type this :)) Mind if I steal one of them??

Stephanie said...

Be my guest ... thats why I watermarked them, but if someone asks, all I ask is you give "credit" and send them my way! :)

I got a Neal jersey shortly after we picked him up, but then he autographed it for me and now I'm awaiting my second one which my hubby bought me for Christmas (should arrive sometime this week) ... AND if he IS named to the All-Star team, I'm planning on getting one of those jerseys too!!

THANKS for commenting (and asking about taking the graphics - nice of you!)!! : )

JamieLynn19 said...

oh I absolutely will! :) nice! I love him....ahh I think Id die if he signed my jersey!! I cant wait to get it. & your welcome! I dont want to steal anything w/o asking first :)

stoneyblue said...

Nice to FINALLY get the call

lizagirl84 said...

steph james neal is going to be at century III mall feb 10th i am going so will get pics for the site

Annabaaanana said...

Hartnell is having a great year so he really deserves to be at the all star weekend too and they both are now so it's fair :) But it sounded like it was such a shock that hartnell got picked which it wasn't for most people, maybe for pens fans who wanted neal and also fleury. He's a great goalie, i really like him and his personality but there were other goalies who's had a better season. And you still have 3 players at the all star game, no need to be greedy :D hehe and neal and letang went to team alfredsson which is great cause i cheer for team Alfredsson and i like letang and neal :)sorry for my english, hope you understand :)