Thursday, August 21, 2008

10 Things About Sidney

I call this list MORE Reasons for me to LOVE Sidney Crosby!

I'll go over a select few of the items from this listwith some images to illustrate the text - FUN!! If you need background information, read the original post on my Pens blog.
  • One of his nicknames in the locker room is "Creature" because his lower body is "freakish." I've seen it in a number of pictures and I've heard him talk about needing to get his jeans specially made to accommodate his solid backside - and thighs; to comment on the picture to the right, I don't think I've ever seen sweatpants on a guy fit quite like the way those fit on Crosby - WOW!!]
  • Sid can fight - and there's nothing like a guy who can fight (he can defend his woman)!! AND, he went to Laraque to learn how to be good at it - you gotta love that!! Honestly, when I saw his first fight I thought to myself, "OK - NOW he's perfect and I think I'm in love!" [ladies, I'm married, but I'm not dead!!]

  • he's superstitious. There's really not much to discuss here other than I think it's cute. I've heard that he doesn't like anyone to touch his sticks after he tapes them, etc., but I wasn't aware of the shoes or path to the the Mellon arena things. Do you think this would be one of those things about a guy that you find cute when you start dating him but then turns into one of the very thing that annoys you about him and makes you want to slap him silly? I don't know - we're talking about Sidney Crosby here!!
  • Sid is not a health-food freak. THANK GOD for that!
    "You must have me mixed up with Robs (Gary Roberts)," he said, laughing. "I'm not picky. When I'm hungry, I eat."
    I always thought Gary Roberts seemed a little extreme with that; my husband and I used to make jokes about it that made me want to pee my pants! But I'm
  • he understands the media. He's not only SEXY, he's smart too! I LOVE listening to Sidney talk!! He is just so savvy and diplomatic in all of his answers - you honestly forget how young he is. I think I'd enjoy listening to him recite a phone book - I'm certain he would somehow make it sound so interesting!

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