Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For Every Negative, There's Been a Positive (or TWO)!

OK - this blog has actually taken on a life of it's own and I've decided just to go with it!!

My initial plan was for this "blog" to merely be a feature of my other one and that I was going to work on it as a weekly thing, but there are far more feminine things to focus on than I ever imagined - let your inner sex kitten out and there's a whole new view of the world, ladies (and you learn there are always those who feel the same way as you so don't ever be afraid to be yourself)!!

I said I wasn't going to continue on with the controversial "pb" story / debate and I'm NOT; however, there has been some response from you ladies out there on the more positive side and I feel that it's important enough to focus on! I've actually been surprised with the support but I am tremendously thankful for those of you who have contacted me to share your thoughts and show some love!

Just recently, "Life_As_A_Redhead" (Girls ARE Real Sports Fans To blog) commented on my site and I just appreciated the support so much I decided to post it (I realize that all readers can view comments, but I'd just like to post this one because, as the title of the post says, for every negative, there's been a positive (or two))!!

I would like to say that I understand where you're coming from, on wanting to remove the stigmatisiam *ass*ociated with the term "Puck-Bunny". I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that use of that term hurts those girls feelings. Or that some of the guys (or girls) have used it in hurtful ways.In my area, (very rural, mennonite (religion which are a lot like Amish) I have to deal with a much different thing than being thought of as a "Bunny" with my love of sports (Hockey, Football & NASCAR). In fact I have trouble with EVERYONE (especially the guys) understanding that I am NOT homosexual (Christ I hope that doesenn't stir anything else up, "Puck-Bunny" was bad enough).So let me say, that I'm gonna be a regular reader, and good luck with the "Eye Candy". *wink*
And, just to stay with the "theme" of this blog, here's some "eye candy" especially for you (and the rest of the supporters)!!

For all my "Ladies" - ENJOY (another look at this week's "Eye Candy," Sidney Crosby)

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