Monday, August 18, 2008

Unsung Hottie

An "unsung hottie" is a hockey player who's not always the first guy you think about when you mention sexy but that doesn't make them any less hot!

This week's "Unsung Hottie" is Kristopher Letang who recently was voted into the Hottie Hockey Dream Team by "Wrap Around Curl" blog readers.

The Defensive Duo; Kristopher Letang and Mike Komisarek. I wasn’t entirely hot on Komi, but I have taken a liking to him. I adore Kris. I always feel compelled to say, “oh heyyyyyy Letangggggg” and slip him my phone number. I was rather hurt Mike Green ended up having to face Kristopher. That one pulled at my eartstrings. What to buy these boys… something to tend to them after they get into fights. I want them in top condition, at all times. Ahem.

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