Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Fabian Brunnström

I'm sure that he's fairly unknown throughout the NHL. However, he's kind of a “foreign Cinderella story” and I for one haven't been able to stop thinking about him since I saw his picture on the Stars website. I hope that there are more out there who agree with me. Just because I don't want to appear too, “strange."

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: This beauty was signed by the Dallas Stars (my favorite team). Who snapped him up as the winners of what was cheesealy (Yes I invented that word just now, I think? [I'm confirming she did!]) referred to as “the Fabian Brunnström Sweepstakes” (Can I play too?? For nefarious reasons of course), [Read About It Here] & [Here]. The Stars gave him a maximum entry level contract for this season.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Uh, Duh, he's hot. He's 6'2” 203 lbs. of really pretty Swede. He is one of the new staples on the list of gorgeous Scandinavian type men who thankfully populate the NHL. Check out the eyes. Lashes to die for. Since he's Swedish, he could read me the phone book, and I'd be ridiculously happy. (Love their accents.) He's got that “You don't really know what I'm thinking, but I KNOW you'd like to” look to him. Delicious.

I'm definitely hoping that he plays as good as he looks... which should be MVP of “some” kind.

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