Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pesonen "Eye Candy" Material?!


What a pleasant surprise this was today!! I was browsing the internet to find some post-worthy stuff for my Pens blog when I came across this gem of a photo - of Janne Pesonen.

Yes, that's right, ladies! THIS is our newly acquired left winger - um, YUM! I never expected this by looking at that ridiculous photo plastered all over the internet this summer of him in his advertisement-laden uniform.

And that baseball cap - I LOVE when guys wear them - how hot is that?! He just may be in the running for a future "Eye Candy of the Week" spot!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

You Pitt ladies are soooo lucky. Do you you all ever get any dogs???

Lori said...

I've been calling him "Scary Janne Pesonen" because I've seen some pretty scary/disappointing photos on the internets, but that one is actually flattering. The pens are so loaded with eye candy at this point, I just want him to deliver in the NHL like he did in Europe. I'm crossing my fingers that he makes the adjustment because he's not a huge dude and probably isn't used to all of the checking he's about to get.

Stephanie said...

@life_as_a_redhead: we've been pretty lucky in the looks department, I admit, we are pretty lucky!!

@lori: I definitely agree with wanting him to do well; did you happen to read the other article on my Pens blog -- his contract includes some paragraph that says if he doesn't make the Pens NHL roster that he'll be going back home. You mean he's not used to checking even when he wore that special gold helmet? I would think that screams "hit me" to someone over there!!

Lori said...

I've heard that it's because the ice is bigger, it's more about agility and quickness then staying with the puck through the checking, but I'm sure the difference is by no means big. Hopefully he stays, succeeds, and isn't as scary as I originally thought.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

How small is he? *silence fills the room because of the strangeness of the proceding question*