Monday, August 18, 2008

To BE [a "Puck Bunny"] or NOT to BE [a "Puck Bunny"] - THAT is the Question (or Debate)!

I would've NEVER guessed that this new feature would cause such a stir among the female hockey bloggers, but it has (and I think they're starting to gang up on me)! To think - I was so excited about this new section and then come to the realization of what a big mess I have to deal with!

First off, I would like to apologize to any of my fellow female bloggers / hockey fans out there who were insulted by this feature of my blog. More specifically, I'm sorry that my use of the term "Puck Bunny" has offended some of you! I made the very innocent mistake of trying to eliminate the stigma by using the term loosely here. I figured that if I embraced that side of me here, amongst other female bloggers / fans then counter it (and maintain credibility as a true hockey fan) by writing intelligent, knowledgeable information on my other blog, I could begin to create an understanding of the female fan! Sort of a contradiction in terms - the point I was trying to make. Perhaps, making light of the whole situation. Not the case, according to my peers!

And for this very reason, I have changed my blogroll to read "Other Knowledgeable Female Hockey Bloggers," so that I may make amends with all of you - truce?!!

Now - the true sense of the word "puck bunny" brings visions of stalking and the sheer need to attend a game with a sign that reads, "Marry me, [fill in the blank]!" or "Future Mrs. [fill in the blank]!" -- THAT, my friends, is NOT EVEN CLOSE to who I am as a female hockey fan / blogger which is why I felt comfortable in "loosely" calling myself a "puck bunny" and poking fun at the whole ridiculous debate -- it's something that us true female hockey fans shouldn't have to worry about because WE DO have integrity and WE ARE credible!! And men should just DEAL with the fact that we also find players attractive - SO WHAT?! I still understand the game and it doesn't make me (us) any less of a fan(s)!!

I enjoy the game - why can't I enjoy looking at the players and be open about it? And what is the difference between posting hot pictures of players and/or using the word "hottie" on a blog -- doesn't it give the same impression (and the reason why some fans are tagged as "puck bunnies" in the first place)?

I can't eliminate the stigma by myself, ladies! I'm hoping we can join together instead of creating more of a reason for the guys to think we're a big joke!


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"Dave Schultz" said...

that works, thanks!

I know your intentions were good but the problem is that we as female fans and bloggers have to constantly smash it into people's heads that we are not bunnies so even though you meant it "loosely" most of us don't want to be associated with the word at all.