Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

I LOVE this pic and THIS ONE STANDS ALONE because the Kid has been on fire this post-season (a one-man wrecking crew!)!!! As much as I don't want to be a downer (how can't you be after these last two games?!!), I'm afraid if Sid's teammates - even a few of them - don't step up and help him soon, they won't be seeing past this round. Come on, guys -- IT'S IN YOU -- DO IT!!!!

They should actually post this picture (poster-size even!) in the locker room for everyone to see and get motivated by it -- I even get inspired by it everytime I look at it -- how can you not?!!! Look at him!!


gilld22 said...

I just watched last nights game and I completely agree, some of the guys on the team need to step up if they want to get through to the next round and right now, as much as I hate saying this, I am not sure that the pens will make it.

Great picture by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie! I'm a Caps fan, but I have to say Sidney has been playing his butt off these last two games. And the hat trick was awesome! If we don't get the Cup, I'd really like to see the Pens get it this year. Keep up the great work on this site keeping all the ladies up to date on all the hockey hotness out there! Hey, take a look at our new goalie Varlamov soon! He's a From Russia With Glove hottie! :)

25superstar said...

This is such a great picture.
I love that Varlamov's just like oh crap i just let another goal in. haha.
but i always love goal cam pics, don't you?

EHisCDN said...

omgosh that is so cute! I just made it my msn dp lol.