Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Unsung Hottie" Sergei Gonchar (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Quiet, layed-back Gonch (or "Sarge" as some call him) fits the true meaning of an "unsung hottie."

Gonchar is a really important part of the Penguins team and brings a certain veteran presence both on and off the ice. He's not flashy, but he does get the job done and its a job that's quite important as he's the "last line of defense" before the puck enters the point of "no return" where they have to go back and skate after it in their own zone during a power play. It's an art that he seems to have mastered since he makes it look effortless when he's on the ice and it makes a noticeable difference when he's not!

He's not one for talking, but does bring a certain calm to the team especially on the power play which they miss when he's out of the lineup. As Kena puts it, only a seasoned veteran can posses such a quality and it's true. It's something his teammates depend on game-in and game-out.

He's truly a solid link in the Penguins hockey chain and I believe that he was a pivotal part of the Pens turn-around during the regular season and that he gave them a lift when he returned to the lineup on Wednesday for Game 7 of Round 2 after suffering an injury from a hit he took from Ovechkin.

And all of this is worth singing his praises!!


Val said...

This post made my day - Sarge is the bomb!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

He's the epitome of the "total package".

1. Personality.
2. Plays an awesome game.
3. Looks good doing it.

With that extra little flare, of confidence.