Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pens "Punisher" Tees and "Stixburgh"

Hey guys, one of my readers emailed me to ask if I knew where to get the Pens playoff t-shirts that they wear in the locker rooms and on some post-game interviews (CLICK HERE for previous post on them at TSCSF and CLICK HERE for the previous post on HftL).

I believe those aren't sold to the public (or else I would have one by now), but I promised him that I'd post a request to all of my readers in case there is somewhere you can get them. If you know of anyway / anywhere, just email me or leave it in the comments -- WE'D ALL APPRECIATE IT!!! THANKS!!

AND ON A RELATED NOTE: KDKA-TV and WTAE-TV reported yesterday that "Stixburgh" shirts (in honor of Fleury) will be available in Pittsburgh stores around the area -- Definitely You, Hometown Sports, Honus Wagner, and stores along the Strip District; possibly Dick's Sporting Good stores may be carrying them later on this week (below are pics from KDKA).

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