Thursday, May 14, 2009

He Does His Talking ON THE ICE

(not in the media!)

Many of you may remember earlier in the season when the Capitals' Alexander Semin gave an interview bad-mouthing Sidney Crosby. I've always said that Sid does his talking on the ice and doesn't have to lower himself to talking like that. For those of you needing a reminder, here's a few quotes from Semin:

What's so special about [Crosby]? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else ...

I think that if you take any player, even if he is "dead wood," and start promoting him, you'll get a star. Especially if he scores 100 points. No one is going to care about anyone else. No one is going to care whether he possesses great skill ...

And to take this a step further, here are a few of my husband's and my ideas for what Crosby could have rightfully said to Semin when they shook hands -- keeping the above in mind (but we know he's just too good of a sport which is why some of them are pretty funny):

"It's Mr. 'Dead Wood' to you, Semin!"
"And you must be the 'other' Alex"
"Yeah, I'll hand it to you, you can hit the broad side of a barn!"
"Hi, I'm Sidney Crosby - and you are?"
"You're right, 8 goals and 13 points isn't so special!"
"Will you be using a three-wood or 'dead wood' in the fairway tomorrow?"
"'Special' must mean something different in Russian"
"Where have you been all series?"
"You use that stick like you're chopping 'dead wood'"
"Who's special now, bitch?"


Life_As_A_Redhead said...


It was funny last night, and it's STILL hysterical this morning.

Val said...

As usual, you are spot on, and I love both reasons...especially reason #21...

EHisCDN said...

I actually LOLed after reading that. those were brilliant.

Natasha said...

LMFAO. Love that "bitch" at the end. So appropriate!

Kate said...

hahahahah "three wood or dead wood" I LOVE IT

Stephanie said...

THANKS for all the AWESOME comments, ladies!!! I had fun with this one ...

@Kena - I'm still laughing myself!
@Val & EHisCDN - THANKS for the great compliments (I appreciate them!)!!
@Natasha - I couldn't agree more - "bitch" just adds so much FLAIR!!
@Kate - I can't take credit for that one; it was my husband's creation, but I LMAO too!!!

THANKS again -- keep them coming!!!