Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is THIS the Year We Find Out Who Dad's Favorite Is?

It just may be (but you can find out NOW who Mom's favorite is!)!

We all know too well that [Jordan] Staal vs. [Eric] Staal has been the big storyline of this series, so in keeping with the 'theme' of the "Staal brothers Eastern Conference Final," here's an interesting spin on it.

ESPN the Magazine was focusing on mom, Linda Staal, for their Mother's Day edition of PAGE 2 "For Love or the Game" feature. The magazine put all four of the brothers to the test to see who knows mom best and which one is her favorite!!

This is just too cute - ENJOY, ladies!!

Staal brothers

BIG THANKS to Kena for scanning your brother's mag!!!


Katie said...

OMG I was in the doctors office the other day, yesterday to be exact and I read this and I laughed soo hard.

staalzielover11 said...

hahaha, thats sooo cute! =) i laughed so hard, and its pretty funny that the biggest out of the 4(Jordan) is the closet to his mom, thats so cute! she is one lucky mom to have 4 amazing boys, and to top it off the serious is going to be great, but sorry eric, jordan will come out on top! =)