Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scoring on the First Date -- NOT for the Classy Man!!

You GOTTA LOVE that (coming from Boucher!)!!! And Staalsy talks about being "nervous" and touching "boobs."

Watch Cabbie's interview Philippe Boucher and Jordan Staal after Game 1 against Carolina to see what I'm talking about (THANKS, Lauren, for "introducing" me to Cabbie -- LOVE his interviews especially with the Pens!):


25superstar said...

i absolutely died laughing when Boucher said that! and jordie is too cute. :]

PeytonRose said...

bahaha cabbie is so funny.
always exciting to see him do a penguins interview (:

throw your roses said...

hahah, that was hilarious.
cabbie always has the funny interviews.

MissEmergency said...

oh, jordan haha
he's so cute.