Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week (Olympics Edition)

Lots of pictures again ... none of them really stand out as they are all pretty yummy (YES ... you caught me ... I'm trying to downplay the one of him undressing -- I can't hide anything from you guys!)!! ; P


CrackerLilo said...

If only he could look happy in these pictures without it meaning bad things for Team USA. He and the rest of the boys can't get back into those Penguins sweaters fast enough! (Well, I'm sure you'd like him to take his time about getting into a sweater, but you know what I mean. ;-)

These pictures remind me--I genuinely don't get why Crosby/Penguins-haters describe him as "stoic" or "robotic" or whatever. His face always says so much, and even though he's oh-so-careful in his interviews, it's real easy to tell what he's thinking when he plays.

Ally said...

See what you did there ;) And you're seriously fueling my "thing" for hockey players in just their pads.

Stephanie said...

@CrackerLilo --
I know : ( I was seriously torn watching that game, but I'm an "All-American" girl and was proud of my US boys. But I do agree ... it's not the same as watching our boys in the black and vegas gold!!! Totally agree with the pics being so telling about him (he can't hide on the ice!)
; )

@Ally --- and that's a bad thing?? ; P

Ally said...

@Stephanie Only if you don't post more pics of Crosby in just his pads ;)

aBurghGirl said...

Good work as always. I'll be happier when he's back in black and gold though! Glad he seems to be enjoying his Olympic experience!