Thursday, February 18, 2010

His Ties to the Penguins are Stronger than Those Created by the Olympics

(which may make total sense, but it's awesome to see!!)

This picture has made it's way around the internet and I understand why ... it's AWESOME ... I LOVE it and I think alot of fans feel the same way. It's great to see the Penguins hanging out at the Olympics even though they're playing for different teams now.

I'm pretty certain that the strong ties they've created through everything the team has been through will last forever and carry them through all kinds of slumps (this pictures speaks volumes!)!!


aBurghGirl said...


Love Geno, Love Sid, love this picture!!

Cat said...

I love that picture! It's so great to see the two of them together in Vancouver. I hope more of the guys are hanging out, at least a little bit, with each other. Even if they don't, however, I'm sure that regardless of the outcome they will all come back and play together just as easily as they did before.

Bandit'sgirl said...

I love this picture! I think it is so sweet Geno and Sid are hanging out. Even when Canada and Russia are suppose to be the big rival

Char said...

awww look at the non-teammate teammates!!!

(it made sense in my head, mmkays?!)

Stephanie said...

: D @Char (it makes sense to us TOO!)!!

: P

Rebelheart87 said...


I guess during this time, or at one point when they were together, Geno was kind of pumping him for info on Team Canada.

'You havin' fun?'
'You like your linemates?'
'Who ya skatin' with?'
'Meh, diferent people. No one really set yet... ya know.'

So, it obviously wasn't said EXACTLY like that, but that's the jist of what the convo was* LOL

Stephanie said...

That's funny @Rebelheart87 -- I can guarantee that no matter how it went, I LOVE your version!!!

; P

Val said...

@Char - if it makes you feel any better, I completely got what you meant!

Sweet pictures of two gorgeous men! Oh, and how about those USA men rockin' it today with a win against Norway, love that!

brianne.xo4 said...

haha i agree Geno was probably out there checking out the lines and going to report back to Ovechkin and the others lmao. but regardless its a nice picture

Anna said...

I'm sure sid was probably pissed that geno was trying to find out information about team canada. One of the announces for the game was saying that sid took a private jet to Vancouver and would only allow canadian players on the plane with him even though 3 other non canadian pens players were also going to Vancouver. I love him as a player but he needs to relax a little. He takes things WAY to seriously. He couldn't ride on the same plane as them? I think that's kind of ridiculous...