Thursday, February 4, 2010

He's SI's Cover Boy for their Olympics Edition
(in Canada)

[UPDATE] Just learned that the US cover features Lindsay Vonn and the picture of Sid on the cover is in the center (THANKS, Val!)!!!

Here's the cover and a story to go with it (I believe that this cover of SI is only available in Canada).

Destiny's Child


CrackerLilo said...

Very nice picture! I wish they'd had multiple covers available in all markets. The one we picked up last night had Lindsay Vonn (Team USA skier) on the cover. I like seeing female athletes get their due, but I'd have preferred this one given the choice.

The article's good, too. I particularly liked the way the author discussed the challenges he and his parents had while becoming/raising a future elite athlete. The author described the timing of his day with the Cup as "cute and superstitious", and I thought, "Well, what's more Sidney Crosby than that?" People who hate him won't like him any better after reading that article, but it's awesome anyway.

JadoreFleury2925 said...

I love when SI acctually acknowledges hockey, but I hate when it's only in Canada. Don't they realize that there's American's who are cheering on Team Canada's hockey team; or at least would like to see what's going on north of the border? I don't know...*goes and hugs her Stanley Cup edition* Maybe I can find it online...I'm not a skiing fan. :/

*scurries off to read the article.*

Char said...

yep. it is only available in canada. you cant order it off the SI website (I tried)[. TO EBAY!!! (you know.. it would be awesome if jords was on the cover...but alas.. no team canada for him :-( )

aBurghGirl said...

i wish that I could get it... :(

Definitely a REALLY REALLY good pic of him though!!!!

EHisCDN said...

Totally buying this magazine.

Ashlen said...


Val said...

I got my copy with Lindsay Vonn on the cover yesterday in the mail and was excited to see her, and when I opened it up to Sid, he was as purty as always, same picture that is on the SI Canada cover in the center of the mag. I'll take it!

JadoreFleury2925 said...

@ Val:

So wait. The article is in the US copies, too? Or just the picture? Or both? Because if there's hockey in there, screw the cover, I'll go get one.

PenguisfortheGirlsBlog said...

I read the article. Crosby is not only an amazing hockey player, but an amazing guy! I can't believe how jealous people were! They practically threatened to kill him! And poor Crosby would cry! Crosby's character is what really makes him the best player ever. He's a perfectionist...and Max thinks he's crazy, but he's getting better and keeps growing and learning. He's truly a hockey hero in my mind and I wish I had as much drive as he has.

Cat said...

What an incredible article. So well written and not a bunch of cliches at all. I was honestly worried about how an article in SI would read about a hockey player.
Sid and his family are amazing. Such genuinely good people, but truly how scary that adults would mock and threaten a child! Sports parents can be so ugly. I wonder how much crap his sister has to take just because he's her brother. I hope people lay off her.
He is truly the best role model I can think of. Not just on the ice, but most definitely off the ice too. It has to be hard on him. I have no idea how he endures it all. I would fall to pieces under that much scrutiny in a week!
While I'll be rooting for Team USA to pull off another miracle, I'll be secretly wishing team Canada the best.