Thursday, February 25, 2010

He's a Thorn in Ovechkin's Side
(Team Canada beats Team Russia!!)

Last night's win against Russia was unexpected ... not so much for the win itself, but more because of how Canada dominated them from the drop of the puck!!! The only thing that would've been better is if Geno AND Gonch didn't have to be part of the loss!!!

This really can't sit too well with Ovi, but it's SO SWEET for Sid (and ALL Ovi-haters!)!!!



stoneyblue said...

that look on Ovie's face just never gets old! He may be convinced that he's the best in the world...but Sid quietly finishes the task and takes the prize

Ashlen said...

Love it. Everybodys gotta love a good , RESPECTABLE rivalry.
I also noticed that Sid isn't even captain, and he let everyone in the locker room before himself. What a great guy, you have to love him :)
Let's go Canada! (& USA...)

CrackerLilo said...

I cheered on Russia 'cause I'm married to a Russian, and I really hate that Malkin and Gonchar will be coming back to Pittsburgh empty-handed. But oh, it really doesn't get old to see Ovechkin on the wrong side of the handshake line with Crosby. He'll probably have nightmares about shaking Crosby's hand!

Val said...

@CrackerLilo said it best for me: "But oh, it really doesn't get old to see Ovechkin on the wrong side of the handshake line with Crosby. He'll probably have nightmares about shaking Crosby's hand!"

So happy for Canada!

JustAWriter said...



aBurghGirl said...

I was so excited for Team Canada. It made me smile that Sid was such a class act. He always carries himself with class.

Makes me sad for Gonch and Geno though.

saved2serve87 said...

I think Crosby and Ovechkin both have a lot of respect for each other. I know I have a lot of respect for both of them. They are incredible players and a little rivalry is good for the sport. Thanks to Toews and a few other players Canada came out on top this time. I don't think it fair to give credit to Crosby since in this instance he was only along for the ride. Both him and Ovechkin were none factors in last nights game.

Cat said...

I do feel badly for Geno and Gonch. They deserved better than this outcome, but I cannot deny I took more than a little pleasure in seeing Ovie brought down in size. He was the team captain, but after the 1st period he all but gave up. Sidney would have been out there fighting until the final whistle.
And with all due respect to saved2serve87 I disagree that Sidney was "only along for the ride". Sidney is never along just for the ride. Even though he didn't have any points at the end of the night he was out there griding it out, making plays and blocking shots all night. Sidney deserved this win as much as anyone else.
While the media my choose to continue crowning Ovie "the best" it's Sidney whose got the important wins to show who really is.

Stephanie said...

VERY nicely said, @Cat!! I agree completely (couldn't agree more!)!!

; )

saved2serve87 said...

Bad wording on my part when I said Crosby was just along for the ride. I just think its slightly unfair when people want to bring the games down to two people who didn't perform as well as others that night. I like Crosby and the penguins and I like ovechkin and the capitals but I just think that game was about so much more then just those two players. It wasn't meant as a insult to Crosby. He is one of the best along.