Thursday, February 11, 2010

He 'Fills Out' His Jersey Nicely
(no padding needed)!!

This week's reason is courtesy of "msd" who posted a comment in this past Tuesday's "Crosby Pictures of the Week."

I showed a friend at work the picture of all 5 Pens in their jerseys. She ask me why the jerseys were too big for them. I explained that they wear some protective padding. She didn't think Sid could fit any under his jersey "because he already filled it out nicely".

And I AGREE!! ; )


aBurghGirl said...

LOL... this made me laugh.

Sid is a pretty unique guy, and this just goes to show it.

Val said...

He does fill his jersey out quite nicely...and thank you for not reposting those pictures from yesterday because I don't have my paper bag nearby, lol!