Friday, May 14, 2010

Crosby Moving Out on His Own??

For whatever reason, Crosby's living arrangements have always been a topic of interest to alot of fans (perhaps moreso of the female fans).  In fact, the following tidbit (its not even a long enough "blurb" to be considered a story) has been picked up by TSN.

Yesterday, the PPG reported that Sid has purchased a house after years of searching for "the right place" (which was always his answer when asked when / if he would be moving out of the Lemieux's residence).  However, it seems as though he doesn't wan't to make too big of a move as the newly purchased home is close to his former landlord.


Katie said...

His living arrangements are even topic among other NHL players. Lupul tweeted his congrats yesterday to Sidney for buying his own place.

aBurghGirl said...

Poor Sid! He can't even move in peace. That said, glad he's finally feeling settled in and ready to venture out on his own.

CrackerLilo said...

I smiled big when I saw this! Truly, the Penguins are entering the next chapter. As a part-time interior designer, I really wish I could get this particular job! Especially since my process includes looking at things like the client's wardrobe, personal electronics, and screensavers to get a feel for what they *really* want. Probably though, he'll do like most young single guys and have his mama do it. :-)

Stephanie said...

@Katie - so do you think Lupul was being serious or taking a jab at Sid???

@aBurghGirl - I know ... could you imagine where you live being a topic for everyone?!!! That would be annoying!!

@CrackerLilo - wouldn't that be a fun job?!!! SERIOUSLY, you should take what you know (or do a little research) then get back to me on what / how you would design it ... that would make an AWESOME post!!! Think about it and LMK!!!
; )

As always, THANKS for the comments, ladies!!!

CrackerLilo said...

Wouldn't be surprised if Lupul was just trying to get one last "He still lives with Lemieux!" jab in. Oh, well.

That might be a terrific off-season post! I have another project in mind, as well as a real (smaller, local, not nearly as big as budget!) job, but there's more summer than I'd like and this could help with hockey withdrawal.

lizagirl84 said...

I don't understand why people make fun of him for living with Mario its not a big deal really I think its kinda sweet in a way but i wonder if a girlfreind is the reason why for this move it makes ya wonder. @Stephanie i sent you a link of an article from ESPN from a while ago but it is an awesome article though really in depth i dont know if read this one or not but thought you might like to post it.

Staal1187Crosby said...

I have mixed emotions about this one. I like the tradition of players living with other, more experienced hockey players and/or coaches/owners. I would think it would help reduce homesickness and give them a second family, so to speak. Knowing Sidney was living with the Lemieux family always gave me a feeling of comfort.

However, I also see this as a temporary situation and realize the need to be independent. Extra nice for Pens fans, this signals a commitment of staying for a while. Good luck & best wishes to him in his new home!

p.s. - the fact that his new house won't be far away from Mario's is extra nice. Baby steps. ;-)

Ashlen said...

Awww. I've always thought it was really cute how he was living with the Lemeuix's. But I'm happy for him, and he is 22 years old. This is VERY big news to me, thanks and I couldn't love your blog much more!

PensGrl8725 said...

@stephanie I'm pretty sure Lups was just taking a jab at him after all he is a former know how those guys love to hate on Sid. Btw I'm still Katie just changed the name and picture:)

I think that while it was nice of him to be living with Mario and he loved being around the kids he needed a change. He said when he found the right place he was going to move out on his own and that's what he did.

@lizagirl84 As far as his personal life none of us really know the story there but I'm sure it will look a lot better to future girlfriend prospects if he has a place of his own. I don't know but I'd feel kind of awkward being like "oh yeah you can come back to my place. It's actually my boss's house." I truly think this decision was more based on him maturing and being ready for a place of his own.