Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honestly, this picture is reason enough (don't you think?!)!!
He Takes His Job Seriously
(on AND off the ice!)!!!

So my good friend, Maureen, sent me this article about Sid because she knows how badly I have it for the guy ... it was a great article!!  THANKS, Maureen!!! ; )

The article talks about how Sid gives thought and reacts perfectly to questions / during interviews or even in the locker room as well as conducting himself in situations "off the job / ice" and just gives a few specific examples in stories given by a few of the people who come in contact / work with him regularly which are nothing less than AMAZING!!!
[Penguins President David] Morehouse has served as an adviser to Al Gore, John Kerry and Bill Clinton. So after the Penguins drafted Crosby, Morehouse immediately went into campaign mode, asking team communications VP Tom McMillan to find a media coach for the new star. Then Morehouse returned to his office and saw Crosby doing an interview on TV. He called McMillan back. “Forget it,” he said. “Don’t let anyone talk to him. He’s a natural. He’s pitch perfect.”
This reason could actually count as TWO REASONS for the simple fact this article makes him seem "superhuman!"


Misha said...

Great article! And I love the new picture! :)

Stephanie said...

@Misha - it is a really good article, isn't it??? And THANKS for noticing the new graphic - although that one is pretty hard to miss (I think its a KEEPER!)!!

; )

aBurghGirl said...

WUBS for Sid! :-) God I love that guy!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Sweet lord in heaven.

Every time I go back to thinking "yea, he's kinda cute, who else is there to look at..."


"someone" shows me something like this.

Stephanie said...

And that's what that "someone" is here for Kena!!! ; P

I think you all know / understand my deep love for Sid!!! If not then you're not paying attention!!


CrackerLilo said...

I admire how seriously Crosby takes all aspects of his job, even though sometimes I kinda want to hug him or pat his back and tell him it's okay to loosen up a little. I know you would simply want to hug him, period!

Agreed with Misha--the new graphic's great.

lizagirl84 said...

I expeirenced that eye contact first hand after a practice at the iceoplex he makes eye contact when signing autographs and let me tell you all my legs were weak.

Stephanie said...

@CrackerLilo ... see, you know me and my affinity for Sid!!! ; P I'm glad you guys like the new graphic!!! : D

@lizagirl84 - you lucky devil you ... I can imagine your legs were weak (I can't even imagine!)!!

THANKS for the comments ... enjoy all of them!! : )

lizagirl84 said...

@stephanie its a lot easier to get a him to sign than you think it worked for me the first time i went to the iceoplex. if your in the PGH area i would go. i had to wait along time after the practice was over but it paid off. i had my three year old with me so that may have some to do with it as long as people dont act crazy and dive on his car there should be no problem

LottieDah said...


Did I mention that he's wonderful??

@Stephanie LOVE the new picture, do you have a link to it without the writing on it? I've never seen it before and it screams new desktop background haha.

Stephanie said...

@lizgirl84 - thats really COOL (thanks for letting me know that!)!!

@LottieDah - I'm SO GLAD you (and most all the ladies) are enjoying the new graphic!!! ; P

I'm actually working on adding an "album" page that gives everyone access to all the pics I include on here, but I'm SO SWAMPED right now ... give me your addy (or email me) and I'll send it to you for now! OK??? ; )

Anonymous said...

What a great article!! Very well writen!

OHMYGEE I love the new picture!!! It made me squeal...just a little bit....and I'm not like a huge crazy Sid fan...but it's hard NOT to like the guy...he seems really genuine.

stoneyblue said...

the question is where do we get just the picture without the words for a desktop background?

Stephanie said...

@stoneyblue ... I DID understand the question ; P

MY ANSWER (although I did provide it to @LottieDah through email as promised) is that you guys will have to wait until tomorrow ... since this caused such a stir / interest, I decided to do a special post on it for tomorrow (AND I WILL LET ALL OF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU CAN GET THE PHOTO!)!!

PROMISE!! ; ) So stay tuned and check back tomorrow!!!