Thursday, May 20, 2010

He Knows When He Needs a Break
(regardless of what anyone else thinks!)!!!

I really admire him for this one!

The very first thing I thought about when I heard that Sid declined the invitation to play for Canada at Worlds was that he just needs a break (and that it's been pretty much non-stop since their first Stanley Cup run in 2008) -- with 2008 playoffs all the way through to the SC Final, then again in 2009 winning the Stanley Cup (plus all the hoopla surrounding that), and the Olympics in Vancouver then making a decent run all the way through the 2nd round of the playoffs this season ... thats ALOT of hockey without much of a break in between!!

I'm sure it can't be easy listening to everyone give their opinions about why they believe it's a huge disappointment (even a "dishonor") that you're not representing your own country in the IIHF World Hockey Championships, but I'm sure Sid has found a way to get past all the BS (and IT IS utter BS) ... I mean listen to this (from the IIHF webpage):
Players who say no to representing their country at the World Championship without a legitimate reason turn their backs not only on the team and its fans but also to the system which developed them and made them rich and famous. They should pay back, but they don’t.
You have heard this many times before: “It’s an honour to represent your country. I feel proud every time I put on the jersey.”

Well, pride and honour seem to be very selective qualities. When a player wants to play – in the Olympics, for example, where he finds the stage big enough and the setting appealing enough – he talks about pride and honour.
OK, I'm a little confused because it would seem as though this bonehead is talking about one player in particular - Sid, to be specific - yet it doesn't name him UNTIL THE END of the article AND YET everyone knows who he's referring to throughout ... STILL there are qualities he includes in this article that are nothing like Sid ... for instance, "pride and honour seem to be very selective qualitites," and "... the Olympics, for example, where he finds the stage big enough and the setting appealing enough - he talks about pride and honour."  Now, IDK, that just doesn't seem like our Sid, so does this guy even know what he's talking about?

Probably not and he's probably just one of those "Crosby-haters" who are pretty much able to find just about anything to try to make Sid look bad, but guess what?!  This douchenozzle is the one who is looking bad especially when you have others, that know him and the NHL a little better, who are coming to Sid's defense (from TSN yesterday).
Scott Salmond, the men's national team director for Hockey Canada, called the story "inappropriate."

"Sidney Crosby's the guy they singled out -- he's played in two finals (in 2008 and 2009), he's played in the second round of the playoffs (this year), he's played in the Olympics for us," said Salmond. "I don't think it's fair to single him out. We respect where he is and we respect what he's done for us and I think what he'll do for us in the future."
Canadian captain Ray Whitney took issue with the fact that Crosby's name was included in the story.
"I don't think it's fair to mention him," said Whitney. "Obviously, any big tournament would like to have one of the world's top players, (but) the IIHF doesn't understand how hard the NHL is, how hard the schedule is. ...
"I think (the IIHF) should concentrate more on making it more appealing for guys like (Crosby) to want to come over here and play."
You take as much time as you need, Sid, there's plenty of time in your career to give back to Canada and hockey especially when some of them are so eager / anxious to take it from you!!


Lehnanne G. Kidd said...

I was very proud of Sid for knowing he needed a break. He needs some down time. We can't expect him to be ON all of the time. Good thing he has a decent head on his shoulder .. oh those shoulders ... nom ... wait where was I? Oh yeah, he knows what he is doing and what he needs. Good on you Sid for taking a break so you can come back next season and continue to kick butt and take names.

jimie said...

ya the canadian people would probably just stomp in his jersey and burn pictures of him anyway

lizagirl84 said...

these IHF are absolute idiots he's one of the main reasons why people are watching hockey again and if the poor guy wants to take a break then leave at that. there just sore because canada is not doing well in the worlds that would like. he will be well rested and fully charged for the pens next year.

aBurghGirl said...

This is complete BS. I'm glad that Hockey Canada called them out (even though I'm sure they weren't thrilled about Sid not participating either). The guy needs a break, and who can blame him?!?!!?

Liz said...

Leave it to Brian Burke to show some class. Today he gave an interview and ripped into the IIHF for going after Crosby and others:

PS: "jimie" Make sure you make the distinction between Canadians and Canadiens. Some of us are Leafs fans, and thus have class :)