Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crosby Picture of the Week

from HftL reader observation, "emilyy8758" writes (THANKS!!): 
It looks like Eaton is closest to Sid, beside him is Orpik I think, and Fleury is on the other end wearing a backwards baseball cap...as he always does :P
Since the Penguins season ended a week or so ago, there hasn't been much in the way of recent / new things about them and that includes pics; however, I decided to go on one of my searching sprees for Sid pics and much to my surprise there were a few that I hadn't seen before (normally when I do that, its the SAME OLD PICS I've seen 1,000 times before!)!!

So here's what I got, ladies (it even comes complete with a little story / explanation!) ...

This picture was actually taken only a few months back (March 2010) when the Penguins were in Tampa Bay to play the Lightning, according to the site I found it on.

It's Sid with some "average Joe" who happened to be lucky enough to have "the opportunity to train and shoot hoops with Sidney Crosby ..."  Quite honestly, I just think the lucky bastard happened to be at the same gym at the same time that Sid and the Pens were there (if you look closely there in the background, there looks to be a few other players complete with matching shirts like the one Sid is sporting ... (talk about team spirit!) I think I can make out Fleury and maybe Malkin, but I can't quite make out the other three!). 

ANYWAY, this guy actually turned the opportunity / pic into a short little post for his investment blog which, suffice it to say, was the last post to appear on it.  The guy's name is Mike Kane and he's involved with "foreclosure investing" from what I can get out of the little I read on his blog (which was his Sid article!) and  put a spin on the story relating it to foreclosure investing (I'm assuming to get a few more interested readers) ... honestly, it's quite clever from a "D-I-Y" PR / website marketing point-of-view!!
Do you think there’s some life and business lessons to be learned here from a guy like Sidney Crosby who’s accomplished so much at such an early age? ABSOLUTELY!
I think the lessons learned from Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins is something that one can apply to life and/or their business because drive, passion and teamwork are all important in life.
BUT THE BOTTOM LINE [for me] IS:  Sid's looking fine in this pic, as always, and it was perfect for today's post REGARDLESS of where I found it PLUS the way / where I found it was a little amusing to me (and figured it would be for you as well which is why I shared the story!)!!!
; P



Jane said...

veryyy cute!! : ) deffo gave me a hockeyboy boost before I go to work ; )

Sunshine36616 said...

I might have some pictures from when the Pens came to town if you need some new pics. For some reason I can never take good pics of Crosby. He always has a funny look on his face.

Anonymous said...

love love love it! he's so cute!
as for the guys in the background, I think i figured some out.
It looks like Eaton is closest to Sid, beside him is Orpik I think, and Fleury is on the other end wearing a backwards baseball cap...as he always does :P

lizagirl84 said...

i love this pic i love that he kept his short all season makes him hotter if that is all posible. i went to a practice about two months ago i will send you some pics. i had my sis-in-law take the pics because i was shaking to bad. i just remeber him coming onto the ice and i just froze. oh what a rush.

Stephanie said...

to those of you offering Sid pics to me ... I would NEVER turn those down!! So THANK YOU!!! ; )

IDK @lizagirl84, my preference for Sid's hair is longer (at least a little) ... its that "hockey hair" thing ... that and I like to have something to run my fingers through ... [blushes] ; P


TexPen87 said...

Captain Hottie is certainly living up to his name in this pic! Thanks!

beardless lady said...

I love this pic! Think it's quite possibly my new favourite of Sid.
Hell, even my straight guy friend that i just showed it to said he'd tap that. That's some pretty high praise, only the 2nd guy he's said that about haha