Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's Providing a Bright Future for Tomorrow's Hockey Stars
(with his "Little Penguins Learn to Play Hockey" program!)!!!

In 2008 Sid launched this program along with his family, the Penguins organization, Reebok, and Dick's Sporting Goods.  The program was created to provide families with some help to lessen the financial strain that purchasing hockey equipment can place on a typical and low-income households.

In the two years of the it's existence, Sid's program has allowed a total of 1,200 young children between the ages of 4 to 7 to take part in the sport of hockey which probably would've proved difficult for alot of them without it.

First-time participants are provided with the following equipment (CLICK HERE to see / read details about each piece):
  • Little Penguins Jersey
  • Little Penguins Helmet Stickers
  • Reebok 4K Helmet
  • Reebok SC87-1 Skates
  • Reebok SC87-3 Gloves
  • Reebok SC87-3 Shoulder Pads
  • Reebok SC87-3 Shin Guards
  • Reebok SC87-3 Elbow Pads
  • Reebok SC87-3 Pants
  • Reebok SC87 32” Bag
  • Reebok 2K Stick
Even for those of us who aren't as aware of what it takes to play hockey, its pretty apparent that this is a long list that costs a "pretty penny!" 

So you gotta hand it to Sid, he's amazing and wants to do something productive with his time and money that helps others ...

Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I love him?!!! ; P


lizagirl84 said...

thanks for using the article i found it early this morning and thought you might like it. i am from pittsburgh and my son will be 4 in august so i will be signing him up in december. how awesome is this.

Stephanie said...

@lizagirl84 -- its a great thing!! Its actually amazing that he can provide that opportunity to so many kids ... I knew about the program, but didn't know how wonderful / special it is until reading about it today ... so THANK!!

You'll have to send pics of your son (PLEASE!)!! ; )

lizagirl84 said...

@stephanie oh your so welcome it is a great program i know someone who's son did it the first year and now he is playing on a pewee team. so i know its a great program. and thats why im signing my son up for it in december. this article really shows what a great genuine person he is

lizagirl84 said...

ps will send pics when he starts the class oh you should see some these kids in all there gear so cute !!!

snailpaw said...

My son is doing it this year! He wasn't old enough last season. He is so pumped! I can't be more thrilled for him, and it's incredibly amazing of Sid to do something like this for the kids. Love it.

EHisCDN said...

This is truly another reason to love him! Can he get any better, helping children? AHH