Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sid Pic

OK, ladies ... since the new "How Do I Love Thee" graphic has stirred up a bit of interest, I've decided to do a special post about it FOR TOMORROW (and it will include a link to where you can get / save the photo WITHOUT THE WORDS!)!!!  So please be patient and I PROMISE it will be worth the wait!!!

The reason I'm doing a post is because its from a site that I had previously planned on doing a post about (back in FEBRUARY!) but never got around to doing it and since you guys are so interested, I figure you'd be interested in the entire site where I found the picture!!

So stay tuned and BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HftL TOMORROW!!! ; )

The picture in this post is from the ORIGINAL Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of Veruca Salt ("but I want it NOW!")

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