Monday, August 8, 2011

2011-12 Penguins Ice Crew Members

This post is not really to announce the members of this season's Ice Crew, but rather, a RANT (I'll try to make it short!) ...

Once again the female fans are left out ... don't you think WE want to see the male members of the crew just like the guys want to see the female members of the crew (WTF?!)?!!  They had a hard enough time getting us females sold on the whole idea to begin with, but now that we've slightly warmed to the idea, they go and do this crap!!

When the women crew members were announced last week, there was a whole bouquet of stimulation for the [male] eye ... a nice group photo of the female crew (with their numbers stategically pinned on their boobs above an eyeful of belly-button - most absent of a ring; you'll have to click on the link above to see it because there won't be any of that here) and even a video (for craps sake, there was a separate video for each of four girls!), but do we females get that when they announce the men?  Of course not ... NO video, no pictures, no anything ... just words of a long-ass article (did I read it?  YES - I'm not that shallow!)!!  But, for some reason, that's the very first thing that struck me about the announcement - NO PICS / VIDEO (because it was the reason I clicked on the link ... TO SEE THE PICTURES!)!!  Although, something tells me I'm not missing much because, if I remember correctly, they weren't all that much to look at - I'd much rather spend my time looking at hockey players!!!!

And so began my rant just as, now, it ends!  This really isn't a way to sell us females on the whole ice crew business (not really going to make fans out of us that way!)!!

Any other ladies have any thoughts on this??  I'd really be interested in hearing your thoughts to see if I'm the only one who feels this way!

[WATCH ... by the time I post this, they'll have added both pictures and a video or two!]


gards said...

Amen sister.

I think the thing that bugs me the most is just the whole idea of an ice crew. Well, ok, I get having an ice crew, but why the need for (pardon my language) slutty girls wearing skin tight, belly-button-showing, boob-busting clothing? I'm sure there are a ton of young pens fans out there who would appreciate the job more and the opportunity to skate on the same ice as their idols. There are alot of young kids who don't get the opportunity to see NHL games because they're so expensive. This would be a perfect solution!

I just can't believe a great organization like the Penguins endorses this! Seems more fitting for a team like the Philadelphia Flyers!

Amber said...
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Kairi said...

Just gonna give up on the idea that something can change. Why, why do they have to show their belly buttons and big chests? Yes, I'm sure the young girls down in the lower bowl love seeing what they have to look like in order to attract guys. Thanks.

Funny though, they must of sensed my bitterness because the vid didn't load for me the first few times. HAHAHA!

AussieGal said...

So they have male ice crew? that wasn't the impression I got when I visited the site yesterday, very disappointing and having these girls with bellies and boobs hanging out is such a cliche and a turn off.

@gards great idea on young fans getting a go at being crew, that would be of far more benefit to the community I'm sure.

K. Crosby said...

Gross I don't really like the ice crew.

Susan said...

I didn't like the ice crew in Dallas; I don't like them in Pittsburgh, or anywhere else. I really have no interest in watching young ladies in skimpy clothing at any arena. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I see no use in them, at all.

Stephanie said...

I am really glad that I could start a discussion here about this (I honestly thought I would be in the minority with my thinking) and I agree with alot of what you ladies had to say so far.

@gards - I honestly think you have a great idea there ... just like a "student rush" type of thing which has worked so well for the organization (making the selectees more capable of doing their job effectively - I recently read that many of the girls can't shovel the ice fast enough, so the refs have to allow for more time - a disruption to game action)

At first, I had a hard time with the idea at first and then there was the commotion about "so what ... blah-blah-blah," so I gave up and decided to be indifferent about it (after the first few times I had to watch them skate on to the ice in between game play) ... and now, I have moved on, but there's still an issue with it (and it's quite apparent) ... it's very obvious that the females get more attention than the males on this crew, but WHY?!! That's the new frustration I have with it AND the difference with the outfits ... I don't see them making the men skate out in speedos (not that it would be my preference), but I think everyone gets my drift with that ... SKIN GALORE for the women and a nice "manly" skating outfit for the men (with hardly any skin showing) ... sometimes I'm embarrassed for those girls because at times it looks like their butt cheeks are going to pop out with how low the waist-line is on those pants!!

I believe they forced female fans to get used to the idea of an ice crew (almost like giving us a "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine go down with having men mixed in with the women), but my issue is why must they wear revealing outfits ... what about a nice baseball cap with a sporty Pens t-shirt and jeans??? WHY the low-waisted, skin-tight, boobie-hugging clothes that has me frightened for one of their butt cheeks to pop out?!!! OR why not have the men with muscle shirts (I mean, come on -- what's good for the goose ...)

IDK ... I have a feeling they're not going to listen to any of us and this was a directive from the league itself (to somehow make more money and attract more guy fans ... like the female fans' money is worth less) ...

Anyway ... end [2nd] rant!!!

THANKS for the comments ladies ... I enjoy what everyone has to say ... keep it going!!!

: )

gards said...

@Stephanie But I don't understand why they need to attract more fans? And male fans at that??? How many consecutive games have they sold out now? In how many years? Like come on! And there are a lot of male fans out there who like the pens and i can almost guarantee they do NOT go to the games to see the female ice crew. I get your rant. As soon as i saw the article posted on the website i ranted to my boyfriend for a VERY long time. He just kind of laughed at me but guys don't get it. It's a sexist thing. We could get into a whole discussion about this but look at female beach volleyball players compared to guys? The females wear the sports bras with bikini bottom spandex while the guys wear loose-fitting sleeveless shirts and baggy shorts.

AussieGal said...

I think genuine fans would not give a toss about hot chicks flitting about the rink if they continually held up games because they can't do their jobs properly.

Personally I am heartily sick of having scantily clad stick figures shoved in my face everywhere I go and on everything I watch. One only has to look around to observe the vast amount of warped messages body issues and low self esteem this culture promotes.

Our culture is saturated with this message that your worth is based soley on your looks and weight and that if you don't conform to this you're a nothing and somehow inferior.

Sex sells only for as long as the paying customers tolerate it.
Real fans need to send a message to the Pens front office that it's not on. Afterall you guys in the states are the ones paying these peoples' salaries and generating the revenue for the organisation.

Tell them what YOU want to see at games!

*climbs off soapbox*

Stephanie said...

RIGHT ON, @AussieGal!!! I agree with everything you said, but I'm wondering how much good it will do for any of us to complain (they're aware enough of their fanbase to have realized BY NOW that their female fans don't really appreciate the ice crew and the men being part of it wasn't a reasonable solution) ... I honestly think its something along the same lines as the Pirates ... yeah, if we all take a stand and don't attend the games, they'll get the message about how tired fans are of a losing teams that SUCKS, but there are always going to be fans that go and / or support whatever and there's no way we can change that ... and quite honestly, I don't want to be labeled one of those bitter female fans that are always on the defense about something or other sexist that everyone laughs at. YES, this bothers me, but my solution (I guess) is to rant to others who feel the same way as I do then move on ... it would be nice in theory, but the NHL is a money-hungry entity just like the NFL but on a lesser scale (there's no stopping that train!)!! ; )


AussieGal said...

@Steph you would hardly be a bitter female fan if, say, you asked to see as many hot guys as chicks on the ice crew. If they're going to have ice crew then the paying female customers should be able to perv as well. I would still be giving feedback to the club & NHL and stuff what others think!

A few years back here in Oz some of the AFL clubs (Aussie football league) decided to go the way of America and have cheerleaders/dancers at their games. The way these girls were dressed had to been seen to be believed. Boobs hanging WAY out in bikini type tops and G-string (thong) leotards.

I kid you not.

Needless to say it went over like a lead balloon with a lot of fans who felt that a family day out had been turned into a soft porn show. Those girls were nowhere to be seen the following season because fans got on the phone to their clubs and blasted them.

Nothing like a bit of people power!

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

I know I'm late to the party, but I must agree. If they're going to have the slutty (yes, I said it) eye candy for the male fans, why don't they provide some hunky eye candy for the female fans? Better yet, why not forego the eye candy all together and let hockey be about the SPORT, the way I like it!

Stephanie said...

"Late is better than never," is my motto on this blog, so you're fine for commenting now!!

Totally agree with you (most of us ladies do!)!!

The sad thing is ... I've seen the male ice crew and some of them aren't bad looking so seeing some muscles or skin, or whatever may not be a bad thing for the female fans in Pittsburgh!!! ; D