Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crosby and Neal Pictures of the Week

You know, I can't win with finding pictures of my guys (I found tons - I've been a little "PI" these past few days over the weekend)!!  But when I find LOTS, that usually leaves me with the dilemma of whether or not to post them all or hold off so I can have a few more weeks of posts covered ...

BUT I think I'm going to use all of them because they're just too good of a find and I'm too excited about them!! So, moving on ...

Even though there haven't been many new pictures of Neal pop up until now, it really looks like he's been keeping himself pretty busy this summer ...

Does everyone know that he's on Twitter (@jneal_18)?  It was THE talk for a while ... he went "live" on August 12th ... it IS legit (alot of the NHL players already on Twitter are following him and Talbot said so!)!!  He's pretty Twitter-saavy already ... he posted a few pics (one below)!

On July 2, 2011, James was one of a handful of NHLers who were paired up with a pro-angler and took part in the annual Fish TV Celebrity Showdown.  The charity fishing tournament raises money for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and was held in Palmer Park, Port Perry ON.  I am LOVING the Pirates hat because I think it shows just how proud / enthusiastic he is to play for Pittsburgh (and that just TICKLES me pink!)!!


August 17th was "Last Rep NHL Day at the Farm" and James Neal attended that too!!  Last Rep is a company that creates a training mix made from organic ingredients (that come from The Beretta Family Farm).  And "NHL at the Farm" is when a bunch of NHL players get together at the farm to train, but the only notable one (for ME, anyway) is Nealy -- in his muscle shirt and AGAIN with the Pirates hat (he LOVES Pittsburgh, ladies!)!!  UGH, this guy - can he get any more adorable??!!!!

Now on to my Sid ...

At the beginning of the month, SportChek started another contest involving Crosby (they also released some more amazing commercials which have also been making their rounds through the internet - do you know I have yet to watch one of them even though I've had plenty of emails about them?!!  I'm TOO BUSY!)!!

Anyway, the contest is called "SportChek Sidney Crosby Road Trip" and to enter, you must write an essay about why you want to meet Sid.  What do you win?  This is an awesome prize package almost too good to be true (I mean, to me, meeting Sid would be plenty, but the rest AND THEN SIGNED JERSEYS - WOW!)!!
  • a meet and greet with Sidney Crosby
  • return airfare for 4 to Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2 nights hotel accomodations
  • 4 jerseys signed by Sidney Crosby
  • $500 CAD spending cash
Why am I telling you this?  Because that's where the picture comes from, so I figured I'd also inform all of you of the awesome contest too (and I just threw in another one from REEBOK Sickick III for good measure - it may be old and you may have seen it before, but it's still a good one!)!! ; D

WHY, YES, I did save the best for last!!! : D Honestly, I don't think I need to say more, but I will ... I don't think I got up from off the floor and back into my chair for an hour or so after seeing this one (lost ALL consciousness!)!!!  Have any of you already seen this one?! If not, SEE FOR YOURSELVES!!!

from photographer Chris Woods' website


lizagirl84 said...

aww steph you made my evening james neal is freakin hot look at those arms i think he's really going to amp it up this season. love those crosby pics miss him so much hope those stupid rumors are not true..

Laeioura said...

Holy crap! That last Sid picture is a new one for me. Thanks for the new find.

Stephanie said...

@lizagirl84 - I miss Sid too (it's been hard finding new pics of him since he's been keeping a lower profile than usual) - glad you enjoyed the pics!! : )

@Laura - I LOVE finding new pictures, but its SO RARE (BUT when I do, it makes it that much more thrilling especially when its new for alot of you and I thought this one might be!)!! He's just TOO PERFECT!!! ; D

Rogers said...

Hey, Hockey for the Ladies, I might have some more James Neal shots from the fishing tourney from Canada Day if you'd like. i'd have to double-check.

If you're interested, drop me a line at schickens.blogspot.com

Hope I can help!