Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Year of Being PERFECT ... Happy Birthday, Sid!!

Here's hoping you're "good as new" come hockey season!!
Are YOU celebrating Sid's birthday today or commemorating the day by doing something special in honor of him???  If so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU (pictures are always GOOD!)!!


K. Crosby said...

I am painting my room Pittsburgh Penguins colors, and planning my trip to Pittsburgh to watch some games this winter!! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SID!!

Anna said...

I walked the hiking trail in cole harbour : )

Anonymous said...

My friend and I went ice skating, then made a Crosby poster for training camp in September! We bought cake mix and icing, but never got around to making the cake for him. We did make a cake on July 31st for Geno, though.

Stephanie said...

All of you sound like you had a FUN time yesterday ... LOVE all of your ideas!!

@K. Crosby - awesome color combination ... I bet it'll look awesome (send some pics when you're done!)

@Anna - that is a really cool idea (what would've made it even better is if you would've ran into Sid!)

@0f511bc4-c185-11e0-98a2-000bcdcb8a73 - that sounds like fun!!