Thursday, August 18, 2011

He Can Cause a Commotion [on Twitter]
(without a single word or action!)

PLEASE BEAR WITH ME because I've said this plenty of times here before (and I'm sure I'll say it plenty more because it always gets my blood-pumping), but it's always an inspiration to me and ... you know, it's just Sid and the amazing player and person he is ... and every-single-time I hear Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero," I just think of him and how HE IS that song and how tragic it would be to lose him to this F'n concussion even though that's a realistic possibility ... BUT BEFORE I THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS LIKE THAT, I will shuffle to that song on my iPod or sing / hum it to myself in my head because we have four more weeks until this season starts getting "serious" and concern about whether or not Crosby will be playing (or when) will creep into our hockey-filled lives and I will BELIEVE that we will once again see Sid on the ice making those amazing plays and skating like a mad-man at CONSOL ... and I want all of you to believe that too ... download this song if you don't already have it and listen to it all day if you have to but let's send GOOD MOJO TO SIDNEY, LADIES ... DO IT!!!!!!

I'm certain, by now, you've all heard about the huge Crosby buzz on the internet earlier this week created by one, single Tweet.  If you haven't, then let me explain (this will just be a review for those of us who are quite familiar [and, perhaps, tired of] the whole incident).

It was a typical Sunday evening (August 14th) until an unsuspecting Josh Rimer tweets the following:
Also hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won't b ready 2 start season. I hope its not true because the NHL needs its best players!
Then, as you can imagine, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!! 

That "simple," 140-max-character tweet was retweeted 100+ times by everyone and his brother including the most informed hockey / Pens writers (i.e., my man Rob Rossi - LOL) all across Twitter in a matter of minutes.  In fact, it caused such a stir that Ray Shero himself had to schedule a media conference for the next day (and spoke to Rob Rossi who posted an article and blog post about it that same night) to calm the [Pens] masses.  The poor guy (Mr. Rimer, NHL Home Ice Producer on SiriusXM Radio) soon learned that the shit hit the fan from the frenzy he inadvertently caused ... I'm sure his thought was simply to tweet information he obtained from THREE SOURCES probably just hoping for a few more followers, but ultimately it lead to an entire controversy which some fans are still talking over and debating about.

I find the funniest thing about this is that not one thing about this whole Crosby progress fiasco had / has changed from prior to this tweet until after (and since)!  But because there hasn't been any real word on Crosby's progress up until this point (aside from that single, amateur video posted to YouTube of Crosby skating in Halifax) and everyone (both Pens faithful and Crosby-haters alike) has been waiting on baited breath for any news, a mountain was made into a mole hill.

But prior to this I was, as I'm sure many fans were, happy with just that video.  There were no conclusions to be drawn and nothing open for debate; it was just a few minutes of Crosby skating on a rink and something for us to enjoy until the hockey season starts up again.  It was neither positive or negative, but it was something and, in fact, it was at least a little more than what we had previously and it was (what all of this always has been since the moment he suffered his concussion) another step toward his return.  I was happy to know that much for the moment and not too concerned with the upcoming season (or any thoughts of "what if").

Until that [now] infamous tweet ...

But even now, I'm happy with what I know because it never really changed (the possibilities were just brought to light just a little bit too soon). 

So once again, I'll wait.  I'll wait until pre-season comes around and the guys file back into Pittsburgh for the start of training camp and then I'll begin to wonder and, maybe, worry about how Crosby has progressed and what that means for his playing or not this season.  I will also hold off on any rash judgements or needless panicking until then.  And I would suggest the same for you (not only because it's less stressful but also because both Shero and Bylsma have said they are dealing with Crosby's progress similarly); and besides, look what it did for Mr. Josh Rimer.

But, come on, this just illustrates "the power of Sid" and what a huge impact he has on the entire hockey world, doesn't it?!!

[So take your time, Sid, but just get better - hockey isn't the same without you!]


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm a bit late on this, but news from the INSIDE. Sid is making very good progress and is where he normally is around this time. CALM, MASSES, CALM.

Stephanie said...

@Holyroller17 - I hope you're INSIDE news is correct, but regardless - I'm just tired of hearing all of this BS every-week!!! I want to hold off on thinking / worrying about it until training camp in September or even the start of the season in October!!

THANKS, though, for helping to ease our minds!! : )