Friday, August 7, 2009

Crosby Kicks Off Celebration with a Helicoptor Ride!!

This is turning out to be some Cup / birthday bash and it's only just beginning!!!

In the picture to the right, Sid is getting off a Sea King helicoptor to hundreds of fans waiting for his arrival at the wharf in Halifax harbor! How cool is that?!!!!
“This is something that I felt was important,” he said. “There’s a lot of troops that aren’t here right now who are overseas ... but for the ones who are here I thought they would really get a kick out of it.”

“That’s what we get a kick out of us players is the sharing with everyone,” said Crosby, who is also making a private visit to a children’s hospital in Halifax.
I'll post more as I find it throughout the day today, so check back often!!!!!

I found that is along for the ride with Sid and are posting a "real-time" blog at -- CLICK HERE to see it. And it seems as though Talbot is also along for this Crosby bash (holding on to the Prince of Wales trophy)!! I'm wondering how many other Penguin players will be in attendance for this.


Cat said...

Thank you so much for posting the the link to the NHL blog - it was awesome to be able to follow the events during the day! Your postings are really appreciated!

HockeyChick-87 said...

I was there yesterday, roughly 80,000 people attended, and Talbot was the only other Pen to attend the celebration. It was a fantasic time.

Cat said...

@HockeyChick - I cannot even tell you how jealous I am of you. A once in a lifetime event. It must have been incredible. Just the photos are amazing. I'm glad at least one other Pen was there. I'm sure he appreciated it.

HockeyChick-87 said...

It was indeed,and i even managed to be on when the camera was showing the parade route. I was so surprised to see my face! Talbot was a surpise to me. It was great to see him with Sid, and during his speech he adressed him as his "hero" (because of the goals he scored in the SC Finals)!!