Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Dustin Penner (Edmonton Oilers)

I know in the past I've taken liberties, most notably, some Duck-bashing (I'm pretty free with Red Wing bashing too, on occasion.) Well no real offense is meant. And since Penner is a former Duck(ling), I'm promising right now to keep the Duck-bashing to a minimum.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A career that got off to a rocky start, then got on a good roll culminating in a Stanley Cup, even. Started playing in High School, he suffered a broken leg, his first College season. However it must have been a good omen, because in his return season, he scored 20 goals / 13 assists in 23 games, while earning the Most Determined Player Award for his improvement and stellar play after recovering from injury. He then went to an evaluation camp where he played well, with an average of three points per game. There he was spotted by the assistant coach for the University of Maine. Where he played on scholarship, through the 03/04 season, scoring the game winning goal in the semifinals, before going on to fall short of the NCAA title by a 1-0 score against the University of Denver.

His NHL career started off with his being undrafted, but signed by the Ducks to play for their AHL affiliate. He then bounced back and forth from the minors to the big-time, for a couple seasons before sticking in the NHL, in the 06-07 season. Where he played on "the kid line" with Getzlaf and Perry. He was 2nd in goals on the team during that season and playing on that line (which BTW, wasn't the top line). He won the Stanley Cup with the Ducks, in 07 and became and unrestricted FA that summer. He then signed with the Oilers, where he remains. Despite some argument as to whether he's worth his contract. I'm not familiar enough with the situation, to offer and opinion myself.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: If 'cute boy next door" is your thing, he's got it well covered. Because as far as down home looks, he's it. He's that guy you see walking on the street, and think. I'd like to snap that one up for myself. At 6'4", 245 he's definitely well "covered" in that area as well. Some things he likes are wedding crashers, and massages (don't ask me if it's giving massages or getting them. Although, I kinda think either way around, that would be a really pleasant way to spend a lonely offseason evening. In fact, a little wine in front of a fireplace, in a rustic cabin on a lake. Plaid shirts, smell of summer evening air. He reaches out, touches his fingers lightly to your chin, so your looking int those pretty blue eyes, a few locks of sandy, light brown hair stray across his forehead... Ok... enough of that. I'm going to have myself, sidetracked and be unable to finish this post.

He's also big into working out, and enjoys his time in the training room. (um you know that sidetracking I promised not to do, well, it's getting perilously close to happening right about now.) His first car was a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird. Got his first stitches at 21 from being high sticked, and his favorite non-hockey sports team is the Anaheim Angels. If he wasn't a hockey player, he says he'd like to be a pro golfer (um, yea, ok). According to his team mates, he has problems with being late to a lot of functions. He thinks Keifer Sutherland should be the one to play him in a movie. (Anyone see a resemblance, yes or no?) Likes to eat Italian food before games. (and is known to cook it himself, even. Yes, a guy that can cook, curls every girls toes.) And of course, as a perfect ending.

We've got his "This or That" feature from the Oils website. Gotta love Canadian Hockey coverage.


Cat said...

How am I supposed to get any work done with thoughts like that in my head???
Honestly, I think I'm stuck in that cabin right now.
So I take it he's single (at least not married)? Hmm, I may have to go to an Oilers game this year...

Kylie said...

Dear Dustin Penner,
You are adorable and have beautiful eyes. I could easily love you.

Jay said...

I agree with Cat, that romantic cabin and daydream of Dustin is calling my name... must return to work.... ugh!

Where do I order one of these, can I opt for expedient overnight shipping?!

Val said...

He is beautiful...I agree with all of the fabulous comments on here...he is a beautiful sight!