Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Of course the pictures featured this week are from Sid's big birthday bash with Lord Stanley!!! And I couldn't pick just one (but can you tell which one is my favorite?!!)!!!


Cat said...

Last Friday was an absolutely incredible day! And the number of Sidney photos and video was just overwhelming. I shall savor them for weeks (and months) to come. It should carry me through until hockey season begins (not soon enough). These pictures are awesome and I totally agree with you on the favorite. :)

jimie said...

haha ya they are all adorable (and im soo glad the playoff beard is long gone)

PK_37 said...

Is the last one with all those children your favourite?

I'm glad he had a such a fun time with the Cup.

Zigh said...

K so like I was saying to my friends and a couple other people on here;

I didn't get to see Sidney close-up =( just when he passed by on the old-school fire-truck thing.

BUT I did get to high-five Maxime, who was going crazy and running everywhere lol. He also gave Rowan a big high-five!! (There were a bunch of toddlers playing around at the end the parade route on the sidewalk and he ran right over and was saying hi to all of them... as if I didn't love him already!)

The day overall was amazing! I didn't get any really great pics but I'll try to send any half-decent ones I have.

PK_37 said...

@Zigh - You were there?! =O
You're so lucky! I'm glad you two had fun =)