Friday, August 7, 2009

Schedule of Events for Crosby's Stanley Cup Birthday Bash!!

You know when you were a little kid and your mom and dad threw you birthday parties set to themes like Barbie, Star Wars, etc.?

Well, today Sidney Crosby turns 22 and it's an all-day event set to the theme of the Stanley Cup and EVERYONE is invited!!!

Pretty cool, huh?!!! I think so and it couldn't be more appropriate for Sid!!!

This is the schedule of events that are planned for today that begin at 2:30 PM with a parade which I found on Cole Harbour Place webpage (complete with a map!).

Because today Sidney Crosby is
I'm hoping to get a first-hand account and a few pictures up from readers, so check back later!!!!!

And if any of you are lucky enough to be there and get some pictures, I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR SENDING THOSE ALONG TO SHARE!!!


Kimberly said...

happy birthday sid !

go see my post i did for his birthday, if you want that is.

happy birthday, sid !

Stephanie said...

@Kimberly - AWESOME post!! I'm stealing that first picture of him you have (WHERE did you find that one?!!)!!!!!! ; )