Saturday, August 1, 2009

Next Up: Yesterday Was Talbot's Day with the Cup

Yesterday, July 31st, was Talbot's day to show off the Stanley Cup to his hometown in St. Bruno.
“It’s my home town, I lived here all my life, my family still lives here, I played my minor hockey here at the Palais des Glaces, I got bursaries from the city when I was in Major Junior. So it was an obvious choice,” Talbot said. “It was the only place I could think of to bring the Cup.”
He's one of many of the players who took the opportunity to raise money for charity. For the past few weeks, tickets were sold at $5 each and 125 pulled in a drawing to choose those who would be lucky enough to get their picture taken with Talbot and the Cup. The proceeds went to the Children's Wish Foundation.

The day included a parade (with a few familiar faces joining Talbot and his family on a flat-bed truck - Kris Letang and Iceburgh). Letang generously helped Talbot lift the Stanley Cup over and over again due to his recovery from shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. There were lots of activities for the kids, a band, and it ended at the Parc du Village and the neighboring school yard at the Ecole de Montarville where Talbot addressed the crowd from on stage. Later that evening, Talbot hosted a private party for 350 of his family and closest friends.

A video of Talbot talking on stage is posted below (and, unfortunately for some, he's speaking French):

Thursday, July 30th -- Gilles Meloche (Rosemère)
Saturday, August 1st - Pascal Dupuis (Boisbriand)


mtfree said...

Thanks for posting this. Max is one of my favorites, and I was wondering how he was going to spend his day with the Cup. I had also wondered how he was going to handle hoisting the Cup up with his recent shoulder surgery, and glad to hear that he had some help from LeTang!

Val said...

So glad you posted this, also, and Max, well he can speak French anytime - no worries, that I can't understand him, just keep speaking it :)

mtfree said...

I'm with you, Val. I don't understand French, but he can speak French to me anytime.

Sara Bernhardt said...

I love that two people have already had the same thought, which is of course - "unfortunately"? "UNFORTUNATELY"???
I don't understand a word, but there is no bad situation here - I don't care what he said, as long as he keeps on saying it in French

Anonymous said...

i wonder if he partied after.
hah probably, it's max.

and he can speak french alllll day long. i think it's very sexy.

mtfree said...

Knowing Max, he's still probably celebrating. I read that he hosted a party of 350 people--of family and close friends. I'm not sure if I know that many people, and why wasn't I invited? lol

Jay said...

haha, I agree with everyone. He could curse me out in French and I would love every minute of it.

Yeah, 350 of his closest friends and family? It sounds like a block party to me. And I'm sure it was a blast.

tangerlove58 said...

seriously, that man could say anything to me in french....and i may only understand a word of it and fall in love with him more than i already am <3

i desperately wish i could have been thereeeee :(


Cat said...

Max is easily my favorite Pen. Heck he's really my favorite player (ok there's a tie for 1st place, but he's one of them). He may not be a high scorer, make flashy passes or take any "spin-a-rama" type shots, but he never gives up. He works as hard as anyone in the league to make a difference in each game. I hope he had a fabulous time with the Cup and I'm most appreciative too that Letang was there to help him lift it. I can't wait to see him lift it again on his own.

mtfree said...

I agree with you, Cat. Max is there when needed...