Thursday, August 20, 2009

He sees / appreciates things for what they are
(things aren't "beneath" him)

There's no doubt that Sid was thrilled beyond words to win the Stanley Cup and even happier to host it for the day - for his BIRTHDAY, no less!!!

But the thing that really sticks out in my mind though is how he had no problems washing the prestigious piece of historic hardware -- using the garden hose, regular dish washing liquid and a dish cloth like you and me.

He pretty much summed it up easily with this statement:

"Just something else to do with it; I'm mean I've got it, I might as well enjoy every bit of it; I'll never complain about cleaning the Cup!"


Jay said...

Nothing hotter than a man who doesn't mind doing the dishes!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...


I was impressed with this, as soon as I saw it.

He's respectful of his sport, and wants to absorb every second and every experience he can.

I like to think I'd do the same sort of thing. Makes him very human and accessible.

PK_37 said...

I was surprised to see him wash the cup. He had a very good technique, a bit similar to mine when I was wash the dishes.

mtfree said...

When is Sidney coming over to give me a bath? :-)

gilld22 said...

Good to have you back, hope your doing ok hunny, take care and keep your chin up xx

Val said...

@Jay - hahahahahaha!

I will say it again, Sid = The Bomb!

Cat said...

There are very few other players whom I could imagine cleaning the Cup like Sidney did. He is as down to earth as a man can get. There is no ego about him. And that may be the sexiest thing about him.

Meg said...

OMG! How many more reasons can there be to LOVE this man! Now that's a guy you can bring home to mom!!

Sam said...

Okay, am I the only one that found him cleaning the Cup extremely sexy?

Nothing else to say but, wow, Sid is perfection. =)<3

Thanks for sharing the video!