Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Does Tangers Do in the Off-Season??

Well go to VIP parties and hang out with lovely ladies, of course!!!

Kris Letang was recently spotted (by Hollywood P.Q.) at the VIP party celebrating the 6th anniversary of Dom Rebel (designer clothing company) - looking sexy as ever (so of course he was surrounded by beautiful woman and one on his arm!)! The Cup MUST change everything!!

Pictures courtesy of Hollywood P.Q. (Freelance Underground)


Val said...

Okay, but the whole body language thing - he looks like he would rather be somewhere else!

Char said...

i agree with val. he's never really looking at the girl and his body seems to be pulling away. He never looks comfortable in the situation

Zigh said...

haha I agree with everyone else... he doesn't like look he wants to be there too much, but still;

I feel like my little Tangers' all grown up! haha, hanging out with ladies... what's next?

Sunshine36616 said...

Tanger is looking hot. Best thing about the picture...I have the same shoes his girlie does, lol. said...

he does look quite uncomfortable..... i must say, tangers knows a puck bunny when he sees one! unlike some penguins i could mention coughcoughmaxcoughgenocough

oh excuse me i must be coming down with another case of the pens fever.