Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crosby Picture of the Week

Well, well - looky what we have here ... Sid and Comrie (quite a nice pair there ... and a pretty tasty sight ... could we be seeing more of this camaraderie once Mikey makes it to Pittsburgh?  Perhaps he'll be the winger for Sid?)!!  The duo is somewhat familiar with each other (as further illustrated in this pic) since they played together for Canada in 2006.

HOW can one man [Sid] be so perfectly pleasing to my eyes (and hormones)?!!!


smile:) said...

hey girly where is this pic from? anymore from where they came from?

Stephanie said...

HONESTLY, I have no idea where I got that pic from (I know it was in my "Sid pic files" on my computer from WAYYYYY BACK - it was even on my old laptop!) and that was the only one I came across and I would assume if there was more, I would've saved ALL OF THEM when I saved this one - lol!!!

; P

stoneyblue said...

You have got to see Sid in the batter's box at PNC park...you're gonna LOVE the definition! :-)

Stephanie said...

You guys know me too well!! ; P Its a wonder I can even type this comment as my heart is still racing ... GOD - he's spectacular (and he's not bad at sports either!)!! And a LEFTY ... OMG!!!

: D

stoneyblue said...

I KNEW you would love it...so if you saw the video clip the question is...how many time have you already watched it or is it on a loop on your computer???? And I'm guessing the pic is your new desktop! I must say he fills out the casual clothing nicely:-)