Thursday, September 9, 2010

(and looks like a "natural" doing it!)

SERIOUSLY, is there anything Sid can't do?!!!! It's actually part of his appeal (for me, anyway)!

Other things that "caught my eye" and made me "lust-crazy" watching this video (What? NO, I didn't watch it over and over again ALL NIGHT LONG!)!! ; D And let's just say if Sid was on the Buc-O's that I'd HAPPILY watch them lose for 18 more years!!!
  • the crack of the bat hitting the ball (LOVE that sound!! Do you know how much strength that takes?!!)
  • that stance (GOOD LORD he's so manly!)
  • the fact that Sid was going to continue hitting until he hit one OUT OF THE PARK
  • AND THEN once he hit it outta there, he was DONE!! ; P
  • he's a LEFTY
  • he fills out that casual shirt and shorts pretty nicely (what I wouldn't give to run my hands down his chest and around to his ... um, OK, let's move on!)
  • he's SO DAMN POLITE ... he told the pitcher "thanks" after he hit the home run and decided he was done for the day
  • that giggle (am I the only one who's noticed that it's become more "mature" - regardless, it's pretty endearing!)
  • LAST MINUTE ADD (because, YES, this is still on my mind!):  SID = STUD!!!


Superswede said...

This just totally made my birthday ;D All I have to say, that video made my day, and I don't even like baseball... there's just something about seeing him stand like that, or maybe that's just me ;D

Stephanie said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And, no, it's NOT just you ... watching Sid do pretty much anything is quite mesmorizing to me!! ; P

lizagirl84 said...

i watched this video a few times ok more than afew, well my little boy loves "watchin sid hit one out of the park" love sid and heres another reson plus he a good idol for my lil man who has his posters platered on his wall plus his grandma got him a lifesize sid growth chart. did i mention we spend alot of time in his room lol

Deanna said...

Hot damn. The more I see of Sid, the more he grows on me. As a Wings fan, I feel like a traitor! haha

Laeioura said...

LOVE all your reasons!

Cat said...

The man is unbelievable. I'm not even good at one sport (unless kayaking counts), but he's incredible in at least two sports. He could just as easily be a superstar in MLB. I may not be an expert in baseball, but DAMN he's got nice form there! And those hips! WHEW!!!!