Monday, September 20, 2010

My New Hockey Crushes

Ryan Schnell and Keven Veilleux.

But it's just destined to end tragically.  I don't think either one of them will make the Pens roster and will most likely go back to playing for WB / S.

Mr. Schnell caught my eye last week when I was looking around for Pens pics and I found one of him dropping the gloves - YUMMY (picture below)!!!  You guys know how much I love scrappers!!  But LOOK AT THIS KID'S FIGHT CARD (here!)!!  Pretty impressive as far as I'm concerned, so naturally my eye was on him during training camp this past Sunday.  SO MANY things make Ryan awesome aside from being a tough guy [*swoon*] ... he's American-born and also a pretty big boy at 6'3 and 225 pounds.  I'll hold off on anymore information on him so that Maureen can work her magic on his post (hint, hint!)!!!

My little Keven isn't so little!!!  He's just MASSIVE at 6'5!!!  How could he NOT catch my eye!!!  The funny thing was that they were paired up together so they were pretty much at the same place at the same time (they made my life SO MUCH easier!)!!

My only hope is for them to be called up sometime during the season; otherwise, sadly, it can only be a training camp fling!! 

There were a few others at training camp who tugged on my heart strings and are worthy of noting -- Carl Sneep, Simon Despres.

I think I'm going to keep Maureen pretty busy in the "Future Sweets" department!! ; P


Char said...

oh mi god... can i have them? for christmas? wrapping paper optional???

aBurghGirl said...

@Char... so well said. Stephanie and I were BOTH drooling at Training Camp yesterday. There was just too much hottness on the ice for it to be legal! I have an ever growing list of WB/S guys to work on for posts and Stephanie's ideas are on that list! LOVE when I have lots of choices!!!!!

Julia said...


Char said...

ahhh. come to kentucky and kidnap me for the next training camp please. :-)