Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!
I guess my story first began when I was born. My family have been fans of Pittsburgh sports for as long as I can remember. My grandfather met and married a woman who also shared his love of sports. When they had my mom they were already in the process of breeding a Steelers fan and although she grew up to be an Islanders fan when she was in college...they had her cheering for the Penguins at a young age. She now is a full fledged Penguins fan and cheers them on like I do. So when I was born into my family the youngest of three(both older siblings were boys) I was the only girl and growing up in a house with two older brothers sports basically becomes second nature. My oldest brother went to his first Penguins game when in 92 and I was only four years old but he told me all about it. At the time I admit I wasn't a huge fan of hockey but I knew that I loved the Penguins even if I didn't care about hockey then.

Now I am a 20 21 year old college student who is in love with this hockey team and the sport in general. It has taken a lot to finally get people to see that I'm not just doing this because they are doing so well and are champions of last year. I love this team like they are a part of my being. I went to a game on my birthday last year and it was the greatest day of my life and what made it better was spending the experience with my other brother. He lived in Pittsburgh for six years while he was attending the University of Pittsburgh school of Pharmacy and told me he'd be glad to take me my first game. From then on the love I had for the team grew even more. Soon I began to learn everything I could about the team.

When I decided on what college I wanted to go to I chose based on their communications program. I was 15 when I decided that I wanted to be a public relations representative. This past semester that I just finished in my PR class I had to make a portfolio of examples of different writings that you have to know how to do as a PR major. We all had to pick an organization or company to focus on. I chose to do mine on the Pittsburgh Penguins and got a 99% on my final portfolio. During that time I learned so much about the organization that I couldn't possibly fit it all in an email. I learned that they were approved to be an NHL franchise on February 8, 1966 which appropriately I was born on February 8, 1989 so it was almost as if I was destined to be a Penguins fan. Today I actively run my own Penguins blog that I update almost every day when I have the time. I post after games and inform readers of what happened. I do it because I love the sport and the team and it's a hobby of mine that I very much love to do. I love the fact that I can bring information to the public and share my opinions on the blog. I've been called a puck bunny because of the reputation that some women have when it comes to hockey but I can assure you that is the furthest thing from who I am. Yes I have a favorite player on the team but I think most everyone has that one player that they call their favorite.

THANKS for sharing your story, Katie!!!  Being a fan means so much to so many people (it's different for some, but we basically see common threads running throughout each of these stories).  Time and time again in these posts we learn just how much hockey / the Penguins play a role in bringing families together and in Katie's case, it began before she was ever born then progressed into fostering a good relationship with her brothers and that's something special

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