Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Malkin Gearing Up for the Upcoming Season

Via the official Pittsburgh Penguins twitter (@pghpenguins):
The season is almost here! Malkin taping promos for TSN at the NHL media tour in New York City.
There's a pic that goes along with it which has been floating around and causing quite a buzz all day (at least in the world of Twitter!)!!

It appears as though Geno is sporting a new hair cut to gear up for the new season ... a more aerodynamic style perhaps (notice the slick racing stripe shaved into the side!)!!

Malkin, the 90's called and they want their hair cut back!! ; )  Poor Malkin - I don't mean to make fun ... maybe he'll have a hand in bringing the style back (heck, Kaner brought back the ever-popular mullet during the SCF, so why not?!)!!

THANKS to Hftl follower, Lisa M., for bringing it to my attention!!


gilld22 said...

I think he actually suits the hair in a sort of geeky kinda way!

What is he holding on to???

EHisCDN said...

My first thought "is he channeling Patrick Kane" but then again he is a reigning Stanley cup champion...

Val said...

Have no issues with the hair as long as there is no mullett involved, lol!

aBurghGirl said...

я обожаю Malkin

In Russian: I adore Malkin

I cannot WAIT til October 7th to see a certain number 71 hit the ice!!!!

lizagirl84 said...

i saw this and thought oh my goodness send this to steph. when asked about the hair malkin replied "for fun". them russians do have their own sense of style.